The Brief: Only Indictments Can Bring Down Biden’s Corrupt House Of Cards

The Brief: Only Indictments Can Bring Down Biden’s Corrupt House Of Cards

Our current president and his influence-peddling son have managed to reinforce the image of politicians as greedy and corrupt. “Biden’s House of Cards” features the same kind of wretched characters as the Hollywood original. The same sleazy self-dealing. The same morally bankrupt lies.

Whether the Bidens meet the same fate as the fictionalized version depends on whether a Delaware grand jury decides to issue indictments. If Hunter Biden is charged with money laundering, fraud, and/or foreign lobbying crimes —as he should be— his father Joe Biden will be implicated in some manner.

Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop contains a trove of incriminating documents and emails that constitute compelling evidence of multiple enrichment schemes with foreign entities that forked over millions of dollars for access to Joe Biden and his potential influence. Interested parties in Russia, Ukraine, and China stood to benefit.

To ensure that the current criminal investigation is not as compromised as the Bidens, a special counsel must be named to guard the legal process from wanton presidential interference. As a political appointee, Attorney General Merrick Garland cannot be trusted to keep his foot off the scales of justice.

Biden could be impeached and convicted for his refusal to defend our southern border alone. The Biden crime family scandals make his conduct in office far worse.

What really blows my gaskets is how little money it takes to buy a sitting vice president and now the President of the United States. How much did it take? Perhaps it was around $20 million total? That’s chicken feed compared to what the Federal Government wastes every day. And also very tiny compared to the benefits the Russians and the Chinese have received from their “Biden family investment.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton got their crooked collections up to hundreds of millions in their phony foundation. But then again, Bill and Hillary are a lot brighter than the Biden crime family. They have also had a lot more experience going back to their days in Arkansas.

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Gregg Jarrett sounds totally reliable. I’d certainly believe every word he would say.

I agree with you a thousand percent.

They may well be the most corrupt criminal family in American history.

It is a common fascist and Marxist tactic to ignore the substance of an article and smear the writer. Well done.

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