The care you get from your doctor may depend on his or her political views

Even in our increasingly partisan society, you might have figured that your doctor’s office would be neutral territory. But that just goes to show how naive you are.
A new study from researchers at Yale University details significant differences in the way primary care physicians from across the political spectrum approach medical issues that touch on hot-button topics, such as abortion and gun control.
For instance, doctors were more likely to say that they would counsel a patient seeking an abortion to consider the mental health consequences of going through with the procedure if they were registered to vote asRepublicans than as Democrats. Likewise, doctors registered as Democrats were more likely to urge patients who owned guns to keep them out of their homes, while doctors registered as Republicans were more likely to ask if the guns were stored safely.

The care you get from your doctor may depend on his or her political views - LA Times

In all my years I have never had a doctor express the views given in this article. Believe me I have had frequent contact with doctors through family responsibilities, i.e. taking them to the doctor, and related to my job duties. One fact of life is when relatives get older someone ends up taking them to doctor appointments.

I keep a calendar that is filled with dates written in for various appointments that I am obligated to drive relatives. A habit I got into and lifted from my mother who used such a system.

I don’t necessarily believe that is true, but the care you get sort of depends on what the Obamacare is allowing them to bill.
in addition; I have hit the 75 year threshold and now my cardiac care will be reviewed. Will my care be curtailed? I will find out next month.