The Christine Blasey Ford Academy Award performance at the Senate hearing


As I write this, and if the Democrat Party Leadership decides to actually have Christine Blasey Ford testify before the Senate, you can bet your bottom dollar she is being coached to give an Academy Award performance.

Expect to witness Ford break into tears, have silent pauses in the middle of a sentence, sniffles, and all the nuances used by Hollywood actors, not to mention the Academy Award moment when a recess or two is given Ford to allow our teary eyed actress to gather herself and recover from an overwhelming distress brought on by recalling events alleged to have occurred between her and Brett Kavanaugh, thirty five years ago ___ events which, by all accounts, are not only uncorroborated, but actually refuted by real live witnesses!

I shudder for the mothers of boys these days, realizing their son could actually be accused and presumed to have committed a sexual assault act, without a shred of evidence, and even when real witnesses testify to the contrary. The good news is, that is the day I believe many mothers registered as Democrats, will change their party affiliation, and condemn the evil actions of political sewer rats whose only objective is a political win, regardless of the suffering they inflict upon those around them.


As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of darkness.___Supreme Court Justice William Douglas


All the Democrats need is for her to be “credible.” The truth and proof are both secondary. The Democrats have already announced that.

If this one doesn’t work, there are more in wings. The Democrats have announced that too. Even Stormy Daniels attorney is in the act. I am sure that some of Stormy’s co-workers are seasoned actresses.


Now that the GOP has surrendered control of the confirmation process to the committee’s Democrats -Democrats who have lowered the credibility standard to “she’s a woman, so we must believe her”, “It’s up to the Judge to prove his innocence”, and in the inimitable words of Senator Ms. Hirono of Hawaii - “You men out there, shut up” - this should be quite a star chamber circus in store for Judge Kavanaugh…

In front to the committee’s GOP senators - a group too frightened of losing women voters, not to mention Collins, Merkowski and Flake - the nominee will be gingerly questioned by a female attorney representing the GOP, while the nominee, Kavanaugh, will face the thug Dem contingency on the committee.

Needless to say, the judge will literally be eviscerated by the Dems to the point many will believe he is guilty of every perverted act known to man, bestiality included.

After kangaroo court number one we will be treated to kangaroo court number two - testimony by a woman who has admitted she isn’t sure it was the judge who exposed himself to her 35 years ago and who has no corroborative witness. However, she’s a woman - so us men had best just shut up!!

Then we have the Avenatti circus coming to town - you know - the “porn lawyer” of Stormy Daniels fame. He says he has a solid, can’t miss accuser - saying the judge and his friends lined up girls to be gang raped while in school.

The possibilities here are endless.

One couldn’t be blamed for asking, what the hell is next?


It appears certain these women are lying (though there’s some small chance that they’re just mistaken about who the guy was). If that’s the case, they’re deliberately disrupting a crucial function of the United States Senate.

I haven’t heard anyone on the news even mention this, but shouldn’t they be prosecuted?


Perhaps the porn mouth piece is recalling one of the scenes from Ms. Daniels epic films. If so he won’t have coach his “witness” who was probably a star it. She will have had a lot experience with “method acting.”

Just think! This fine barrister who represents about sleeziest client imaginable, could be your next president. He says that he’s thinking about running in 2020, If he gets enough primary votes, I’m sure that the Democrats will nominate him if he says he’s a socialist.

If these women are lying, I’d love to see them prosecuted for perjury. They would be guilty of bearing false witness in one of the most important functions that the Senate is constitutionally charged to perform.

But it will never happen because they are all “female victims” whether what they say is true or not. When you are born female you are an instant victim in the eyes of these people.

My sister-in-law is finishing up a PhD. I jokingly asked her if you could have a college major in victimology these days. She told me, “Yes.”


The pendulum swings. Even the French got tired of Robespierre.

Just think of the damage they’re doing to real victims. Right now, female victims are believed and even honored for coming forward. But the more we see a good man smeared in public, the less likely victims in the future will be believed.


The French school system probably wasn’t as good at brainwashing the youth of their country as the liberal establishment has become. Two of my nephews have been programed in that system, and they are political human robots. They are all over the Internet spewing the political offal that has been injected into them since grade school. They fancy themselves as “intellectuals.”


Won’t EVER happen, because since their charges are spurious and probably inspired from the fevered minds of “Resistance” morons, they can’t be PROVEN to be false or misleading any more than they can be proven to be true by those making the accusations.


Actually, “she’s a woman who supports the D agenda, so we must believe her.”

For that to happen, they actually have to testify under oath. And in spite of their claimed willingness to do so, it ain’t a done deal…

Magna-Yeah-That X 1,000 again.


As you shudder for the mother of boys these days, and I wholly agree with you, I also shudder for women. As a woman, I find this to be absolutely insane that another woman would randomly come up with charges against someone without ever having done so before. I saw a woman on fb say something to the effect of “if you have been sexually assaulted you will know why it isn’t easy to come forward” - in other words, defending Ford. I am honestly dropping my jaw. This kind of trend will make women who have actually suffered sexual assault - in the future- be seen as lying, because of all the “cry wolf” scenarios we are seeing. This doesn’t make it a good world for anyone. I really hate this for the next generation of boys and girls coming up. They have such road to navigate. Will cameras, everywhere - on us at all times- be the ONLY way so many can prove their innocence?

Scary, scary world.


Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That

And now they’ve contrived a third accuser. I’m not betting on it, but I hope Trump has some mechanism in place to expose the contriving. And contrivers.


Watch her testimony. She’s either telling the truth, or is the most hideously evil and effective liar in human history. I’m going with the former. Bottomline: I believe her, but she still doesn’t have any evidence. You can’t ruin a person’s life without evidence. On the other hand, is it really ruining this man’s life to deny him a seat on the Supreme Court? Ford has convinced me that Kavanaugh is a rapist and a liar, even though she has no proof aside from her own testimony. If I had a vote it would be a tough call. I suppose, if push came to vote, I would vote against him at this point.


Why am I not surprised that you “believe her?” Her whole story is BS and it’s patently obvious that it is. Her sleazy lawyers have prepped her fairly well, but her story is full of holes.


Honestly, I find Kavanaugh’s testimony extremely credible and convincing also. What a mess.


The only mess is that you want Ford’s claims to be true so that the Democrats can block this nomination. After the Democrats take the Senate, which you are sure will happen, they can block all of Trump’s Supreme Court nominees until 2020. That’s what Democrats are dreaming about.

In the mean time the Democrats think they will enhance their female vote in the mid terms with this pack of lies. It is sad that they think that American women are that gullible.


At this point, I’m not prepared to bet that they are; in their desparation to Bork Kavanaugh, they may have overestimated America’s credulity for these theatrics and overplayed their hand, which might bite them in November. I’m not saying it’s a certainty, but I do think it’s a distinct possibility.


Only a complete moron would believe someone who claims to have been assaulted, when they can not tell you WHEN it happened, WHERE it happened, HOW she got home, and even her own best friend refutes her account. She has a history of Issues. Her students say she is vindictive.

You can no longer pretend to be anything but a leftist shill. The only people who truly believe in Ford’s BS lies, are committed leftist lemmings.
Welcome to the cliff.


Will the real J.Anderson please stand up?


Everybody steadfastly avoided mentioning anything about Ford’s background that would discredit her. But there’s some stuff on line.

… the inevitable levy break of background information allegedly reveals Christine Blasey-Ford as a prolific high school party girl who is alleged to have bragged to a friend of having 54 sexual partners prior to college. If true, the emergence of five high school yearbooks from exclusive college preparatory school, Holton Arms (Bethesda, Maryland) destroys Blasey-Ford’s self portrayal as an innocent coed “church mouse” taken advantage of by an aggressive sexual predator.

Shad Olson’s blog (Emphasis added.)

That’s an astounding number. I think it discredits her testimony at least a little.


Any alleged “entry” in these yearbooks that refer to her as “Blasey-Ford” must be phony. She didn’t BECOME “Blasey-Ford” until AFTER she met and married Mr. Ford. In school, her name was Christine Blasey…period.