The CIA spy in White House identified

You only say that because your Party embraces the fallacy that the ends justify the means; therefore you think everyone embraces that fallacy and thinks lying has no downside.

Hence your “it would have cost him nothing” assessment; I suspect that the general knows full well what embracing the habits of lying and deception would “cost him” and that only a fool would pay such a price just to try and get a dig in on his former boss.

I disagree with his politics and foreign policy ideas but you condemn his character because he didn’t lie like the rest of your party does?

No you don’t; he’s the only one who made your policy ideas doable.

And you don’t know what his politics are.

That’s what you’re doing by making accusations you can’t substantiate.

That’s also satanic, btw. If you don’t have evidence, and you’re doing it for fallacious reasons, you’re acting out the very action that gave Satan his name.

Satan means the accuser.

So you adamantly double down on your statement that lying about Trump “would have cost him nothing” and you call my assessment that he is likely a good leader who knows the cost of lying and deception and does not want to pay such a cost “satanic”?

I often wonder if you even read what you write!

You tried to imply he was anti-semetic, and that he’s apart of a conspiracy to tear down Trump.

Sorry RET, but you shouldn’t make stupid claims.

I asked you for one thing from him, and you couldn’t deliver. This turn about is because you couldn’t offer evidence when challenged.

Which yes, is very satanic. You made accusations, you couldn’t back up.

I said that he sees Israel as an inconvenient ally and our policy toward them as a hindrance to what he wants to accomplish so he dumped his pro Israel staff and replaced them with people who embraced his vision. I said that he knowingly placed an anti Trump plant near the President to gather dirt in the hopes that Trump could be neutralized before he could implement his agenda in the Middle East.

The alternative would be to believe that he was so stupid that he did not know the position on Israel of the people he purged and also too stupid to know who he was putting next to the President.

Your position that he is just stupid does not hold water when his well publicized career is considered and he is certainly not a lazy lifetime bureaucrat.

He had an agenda and he tried to implement that agenda, the President opposed his agenda so he got the boot; it was no more complicated than that.

Cool, where’s. your. proof? I think you’re just pulling crap.

And once again, he dumped all political appointees. Didn’t matter where they came from. He wanted field operators, not political seat warmers.

I call that competence.

Cool, why did no one else turn out this way?

If you’re hinging everything on one appointee making comments a year after both had left the NSC, you admit your case sucks.

He is not that man’s keeper, especially long after their working relationship has ended.

He’s competent, You didn’t know context, so you failed at judging the situation. Because all the details you knew about his decision, came from a story spinning intrigue.

You should cultivate your news sources better. If I got the details he was letting all political appointees go, you could have too. You just fell far the intrigue angle, and didn’t look further.

You are spinning because the cold facts without your spin tell a pretty simple story, you and all the Left spend so much time calling Trump stupid that you just can’t stand it when he upsets all of your apple carts before you accomplish your deep state fantasies.

Yes you are.

You have no response to him letting all political appointees go. Which I know, btw, because those Israelis I told you about before, talked about it, and approved his decision.

Where’s your proof?

See, everything you do to say he’s on the left, or is some sort of conspirator, has just been a claim you make, without evidence.

And yes, that’s Satanic.

You know nothing about McMaster. Nothing. You’ve never read his books, overlooked his career, or talked to him in person.

The only reason you impinge his honor, is because you fell for the narrative in a news outlet that admits it publishes fake news. Other stories share the details your outlet forget to mention.

Instead of admitting your mistake in rushing to judgement ( or just staying out of it), you insist he must actually hold ill-intent that he’s never demonstrated. Because his honor is less important than you not being wrong.

What a nice, convenient way to look at the world.

I said you were on the Left, I said McMasters had a deep state agenda to address the Middle East that included distancing ourselves from Israel while Trump was moving us closer to Israel than any President in US history.

Just because McMasters foreign policy ideas happen to align with one idea from your Party does not make him “The Left”; it just makes him wrong.

Cool, where’s. your. proof?

Give me proof, or I’ll know you’re just digging this up from the same outlet publishing fake news.

Or just making it up on the spot.

He fired the pro Israel staff and Trump fired him, pretty simple really.

Nope, McMaster fired all political appointees from the NSC, and Trump said this:

General McMaster and I are working very well together. He is a good man and very pro-Israel"

Trump didn’t fire him for another year, and he made no claim about Israel over it. He just found McMaster boring.

Trump OBVIOUSLY thought he was pro Israel when he appointed him or he would NOT have appointed him.

After a year he thought different, regardless of whether he was “boring” or not; Trump fires everyone that he believes will not perpetuate his goals; everybody gets a chance if they impress him and everyone who fails to meet his expectations gets the ax.

He ran his businesses that way and he runs the White House that way, your guys will never embrace a performance based criteria and that is why you will never understand Trump.

And why Trump Keeps kicking your Party’s tail :slight_smile:

He’d been National Security advisor for nearly 6 months at that point.

Trump said this, in direct response to people who were accusing McMaster for clearing out the NSC.


You are trying to move goal posts, while you were making false accusations. Accusations you only made, because you used only 1 source to tell you what happened.

You trying to find some way “not to be wrong”, is not more important than his honor. Admit your error, or at the very least, shut off your bullcrap.

Yeah, your explanation that begins and ends with “he thought he was boring” is far more sentient; Trump derangement syndrome is fun to watch!

Yours just sucks.

You demonstrated a lack of context, as you kept getting details wrong.

You didn’t even know McMaster was out of the position until I told you!

You didn’t try to gather information RET, and yet you did try to insinuate BS about someone you knew nothing about.

Yes, Satanic. Definitely. You put more effort into making the accusation than you did getting the facts straight.

Trump has all you guys figured out and you get more hysterical every time he cuts off one of your schemes, you guys think your traps are so clever but all you ever catch is yourselves.

I am enjoying this Presidential term like no other I have ever lived through or read about!

Trump called you wrong. He called McMaster pro-Israel in the very face of the accusation you tried to carry water for.

And I don’t trust at all you know why he was let go; afterall, you didn’t even know it happened.

And I’m damn sure you didn’t look it up during this conversation; you kept getting details wrong.