The Clinton Foundation’s Legacy in Haiti – “Haitians Are More Than Upset…”


The Miami Herald has a video of Haitian activists protesting the Democratic National Convention, primarily because of the “Clinton Foundation’s spending in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.” According to The Nation in a piece titled The Shelters That Clinton Built, the Clinton Foundation provided Haiti with trailers “structurally unsafe and laced with formaldehyde” that “came from the same company being sued for sickening Hurricane Katrina victims.” Pertaining to the Clinton Foundation’s legacy in Haiti, The New York Times writes “the Clintons have become prime targets of blame for the country’s woes.”

Remember this will be the response from Clinton if she becomes president. She will ignore problems to push her agenda.


God I’m old. I’m so old that I can remember the last time Haiti got hit by a hurricane…& the time before that…& the time before that…& the time before that & so on. Now I realize that Haiti is a poor country but I’m starting to wonder if their long term civic improvement plan involves having better houses built by foreign aid every 3 to 6 years? Is foreign aid after a disaster their primary means of making money? What I mean is this: If I lived on the coast & my house got destroyed by a hurricane I would either sell the property OR build a house that had a chance of surviving the next hurricane. I remember that comedian that said if you want to help the starving people of Africa stop sending them food & send them U-hauls so they can move out of the desert to where the food is. Haiti needs to do something like that. Instead of building a bunch of substandard houses that will not stand up to the next hurricane how about building a large building that will stand up to a hurricane & call it a hurricane shelter for everyone.
I know the above sounds kind of heartless but they keep doing the same thing over & over & people die because of it. Until they stop killing people because of poor planning what’s the use of these constant short term “fixes”?
As for the Clinton foundation that isn’t news. News would have been if they had done something other than what was expected. They don’t care about lives, they care about raising money.


I’m just as old and I learned the real reason Haiti hasn’t built better shelters was that all the help sent went to the Haitian leaders. Government corruption has always been a problem there.The people get nothing.


Additional thought, the Clinton foundation as well as the democrat Party is under the misconception , "if you throw money at the problem it will cover the problem but never solve a thing but they also believe that the more money the more the people will love you. Just buy your allegiances.


**they also believe that the more money the more the people will love you. Just buy your allegiances. **
Well that & promise them stuff. And it seems to be working. I’ll add that the great thing about promising them stuff is that you don’t seem to have to deliver, just keep promising over & over.


Building materials “laced with formaldehyde” …

I wonder if the Clinton Foundation bought that junk from some of their contributors who were stuck with it after they bought from China? It would have been an easy way to unload the stuff after it caused so much trouble for them with housing in the U.S.

One would think that the PC crowd would call that racism. You pass the crappy, illness causing building materials on the poor Black people when you KNOW it’s no good. Sounds like racism to me.


** You pass the crappy, illness causing building materials on the poor Black people when you KNOW it’s no good. Sounds like racism to me. **
Oh come now, the term racist was basically reinvented by liberals to refer to conservatives by. Liberals can’t be racists because they are so well meaning. Next your going to be attacking liberals math skills by saying that their programs can’t work because the numbers don’t add up. (wink)


Guys—this nation has a habit of sending what is on hand , when it comes to materials and it comes down to the money allotted for building whatever is needed. Our government officials spend but oversight is poor and the work is at best abysmal. Now for the purpose of aiding a country, those FEMA trailers were badly built because that is what was spec’d. I have designed Federal work and believe me when I say, federal oversight on the quality of the construction is horrible. The architect may design things but the Architect in many cases has no oversight written into the contracts. Next is sending money means that the money surely will go into the pockets of the leadership of Haiti, and seldom sees it’s way into helping the people. There is nothing racist going on, just terrible business management and graft.
This seems to happen with many third world nations, and the stupidity of the American State Department, both the Republican and Democrat led.


njc17 I won’t disagree with what you said. As a matter of fact I mostly agree with it. But I would add this: I think that if Clinton has connections with ANY builders of trailers (& by connections I’m talking making or taking money from them) they were the ones supplying the trailers. What’s more I would “assume” that those connections were in place when FEMA bought trailers from them. Pay me & I will do you a favor is the Clintons motto (or maybe you scratch my back & I’ll scratch yours). Now I could be wrong on that but I’d place the odds at 90% right & 10% wrong.