The Consequences of China's Slowdown

China is becoming less friendly to foreign investment, and while they may have some not-bad motives behind what they’re doing (along with bad ones; making sure citizens lives stay within their control), their execution is mish-mashed, poorly directed, and seemingly unprepared for the consequences.

They’re also not doing anything really to cushion the fiscal shortfalls of their local and regional Governments who were heavily dependent on fees from land sales and developments, which has shrank thanks to the collapse of Real Estate developers like Evergrande.

They’re trying to address structural issues, but it looks like they’ll fail to “grow the pie” as Xi wanted.

The only saving grace to the Xi regime might be that he has a lot of orthodox communism in him. He might just find the way to ruin the mixed economy that has helped to make China so powerful. It’s a long shot, but it might be our only hope given the weakness of the western leaders like Biden and Trudeau.

Trudeau said in a debate that he admires the power the Communist Chinese leaders have. All they have to do is order what “needs to be done” and it becomes public policy and law.

What a fine fascist he is! Maybe the Canadian people will wake up and vote his party out of office in the next election. He should become “private citizen Trudeau.

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