The Conservative Purge


Been mentioning this for sometime and knew it was going to occur, but where and when?

NOW and the Military, specifically in the Air Force and the Navy.

The military promotes from a wishy washy, fuzzy system somewhat based upon performance, thought and current promotion goals.

The performance aspect is HIGHLY competitive with your contemporaries. The thought is simply whether or not you support the “school solution” and this ranges from Tactics to material acquisition.

Finally there is the ULTRA secret promotion targets. This was primarily blacks at first and now added to the list is the LGBT-???. TRUST ME, targets WILL BE MET, REGARDLESS of Performance ratings. Because the Target promotions are set by GO’s (General Officers) internally and not a published document or even spoke of except behind closed doors. The majority of the GO’s are left overs from Obama, Trump has not purged them and he should, but I doubt he knows that.

Now you know who is going up the ladder in rank both officer and enlisted, but what about the purge…its already beginning starting at the 06 COL level. Because these are our future GO’s and they are being asked to AFFIRM, condone and publicly support LGBT, if not, the Flag Grade (GO) ranks they will never see and at that point in time they are asked to retire and when you are asked to retire, you best take the request seriously…its game over man! The next level is at the Captain level as you draw near to promotion to Field Grade (MAJOR and above) because they will become future commanders upon LtCol. Got to get them out before they get that far, which is about year 10 of your career. Cut them lose before that cross the 10 yr line.

The military believes that fully 25% of all whites in the military have some connection to "white nationalism’ in thought or action such as a Confederate flag decal on your truck. Or if you were raised in a rural setting or have a father/grandfather who was career.

The enlisted ranks are a bit more difficult to weed out as they do not serve “at the pleasure of” nor is their end strength controlled by Congress.

Its NOT coming soon, its already in progress at the COL level and is going to roll down hill like a snowball, just getting bigger as it goes. Its rolling across the AF, then the Navy, Army and finally the USMC. Most of this will be (as long as Trump is POTUS) in “Slo-Ro” status, below the radar. Most of the GO ranks are Trump haters, less so in the USMC/Army COMBAT ranks. But if Trump does not see a 2nd 4, it will be hell bent for leather to purge the ranks.

So they purge 25% OF WHITEY, what is the backfill. Minorities, women and LGBT will be the main focus.