The Corona Virus Lock-down Gives Us a Preview of the Green New Deal

If the Green New Deal were to be enacted, it would be very similar to what we have now except that it would be permanent until the country collapses. Then there will be chaos, and we will end up like Venezuela with the environment far worse off than it is now.

Look at what we have now:
o Massive unemployment
o Massive, unsustainable government budget deficits
o Very little air travel, except by the elite members of the government who will be in power.
o Chronic shortages of many goods and services.
o Draconian government rules and regulations some of which imposed simply because politicians have to power to impose them.
o Growing poverty through out the population. Long lines for free food have become common.
o Few opportunities to enjoy life, ever.
o Massive numbers of business failures and bankrupcies.
In short, look at how it in North Korea, and you will see what we will have here under the Green New Deal.

The original Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deal promised good times and prosperity to the nation that had be racked by the Great Depression. Some of the ideas were good and worked. They included the FDIC, Social Security for the most part and the Federal Trade Commission. Others, like the NRA, were poorly conceived and fortunately knocked down. Franklin Roosevelt and his adviser honestly thought that their programs would enhance the human condition.

There is no upside the Green New Deal. It an excuse to impose socialism on the country with no positive benefits. Like North Korea, a few politicians will get very wealthy and live well because they will control all of the assets and lavish those goods on themselves their supporters. Everyone else will be lucky to scrape by.

as it is right now the thing that is stopping it is the Senate controlled by the Republicans and the White House. Do you really think that they will remain the same forever…I am hoping that we can turn the House in Nov. The more the fanatics show their hand the greater the chances the House will flip.

Winning a second term for Trump and flipping the House are the dreams that many of us share. Amazingly, the polls show Trump behind, and the dead from the neck up voters have not figured out that Pelosi has screwed them multiple times.

First, when the information about the virus was starting to filter through in February, we were wasting our time with the stupid impeachment and trial. Then when the legislation to help people was under consideration, Pelosi was holding it up to add totally unrelated garbage, like voting without IDs and money for theaters. More recently, while she was showing us her ice cream freezer, small business owners were finding the money for their grants and loans had dried up.

Flipping the House is tough because only few Congressional districts are in play. You have stupid voters, like the knit wits in AOC’s district who would vote for Hitler and Stalin if they were running as Democrats. These people are politically brain dead.

Then we have the younger generation, like my nephews who are self described “socialists, not communists” with college degrees. They are 25 years old and are still living at home, stocking canned goods in grocery stores for a living. They have been taught to be socialists, at least since high school, if not before. They are part of the “lost generation.” You can’t reason with them.

I am not optimistic about the fall elections at all. This is working out to be Democrat virus, and they are benefiting from it every day. The monetary system is screwed with a giant deficit, and people are out of work after Trump got the unemployment rate way down. Some of them don’t want to return to work because they are getting more now in unemployment benefits than they were earning when they were working.

I wish I could be more optimistic, but things really suck right now. The only things that are in our favor is that Trump, not crooked, incompetent Hillary, is president, and DeSantis, not Democrat Andrew Gillum, who had to go to a drunk tank, is Florida Governor. The Democrats are great at finding terrible candidates for high office, like “Dementia Joe” Biden who does not know where he is half the time.

I was at the big rally yesterday in Sacramento

Sorry to bust your bubble, but the chances of Trump taking California are less than slim and none. It’s none. Spending campaign money in that state is a total waste of resources. If you ran Trump against the Corona Virus in California, the Corona Virus would win.

I know that there are unhappy people in northern California, but unless they can find some way to secede from the state, they are stuck.

It was a “Re-Open California” rally.