The Corporate Media VS "Alternative" Media:


There is a notion among anti-government, free loving, multi-cultural, far left loonies, anti-business, anarchists and disenfranchised independents that seem to believe that YouTube and other so-called “alternative media” and not the mainstream media is the best way to consume news.

There is a notion among right wing conservatives and neo-cons that Fox News is not mainstream news.

There is a notion among pot heads that Comedians give you all the details of the world in their two minute monologue.

This post obviously ties into my other two posts about idiot voters and where people get their news from.

The idea that any alternative news source is better than corporate media is just plain silly. We are all humans, we all have opinions. It is up to the journalists to be as non-bias as possible. However, with how partisan the news is these days, it’s very hard to figure out which sources are best. I think that the corporate media is the best way to get news. My choice of course being Fox, but that’s my own personal opinion because they cover stories that I want to hear about! The other broad selection I pick is my channel four local news because they cover everything closer to home. What’s wrong with that?

The people who don’t like my viewing habits, are cry baby whiners!!! I urge everyone who feels special that they get their news from alternative media to stop!!! It’s very very dangerous and I will lay out why Fox News, or any other corporate media is 100X better than whatever YouTube Channel or comedian you watch below:

  1. There is no corporate conspiracy to control the news!!! Even, if there was, you should use corporate media more because then you would be contributing to the free market at work! :slight_smile: (With the exception of the far left- loonies)

  2. If you think that editors that write the stories on Fox News get paid 100X more than the editors on your favorite blog. You may be right if you read a startup blog, like mine which makes me $0 right now. However, if you read something like Breitbart a far right website, or Move-on a far left website. The editors and writers get paid roughly the same!

  3. It is against the law for CEOs of News organizations to twist facts in the stories and to make crap up! That is law, and any CEO found doing so will get fired. They are also banned from inputting their own opinion into news stories. That is not their job. That is the job of the political commentators that they hire.

  4. You don’t have to like what the commentators say. You don’t even have to watch them. But they get paid the big bucks to do just that. It is their freedom of speech. Yet, they too have certain guidelines depending on the organization they work for, to follow.

  5. The problem with so-called “alternative sources” is that they are very sketchy, held to no accountability but their own. They are more likely to say whatever the hell they want.

  6. I wouldn’t trust the alternative source because they are more likely to make an outrageous claim to get traffic to their blog so that they can become popular and make some more money in advertisement revenue. Even the partisan websites already have an established brand and are less likely to completely fabricate a story.

  7. YouTube videos are the most annoying “sources” that people often link to or cite, because while they go around bashing corporate media links the clip that they happily link to usually has problems 4 and 5 (listed above) combined! They also usually have clips from the corporate media in them or “established” leaders of their own political ideology. You can find a video that is supporting child pornography, but it doesn’t mean it’s right just because they say it is.

  8. You can trust the mainstream news. I am not talking about the pundits.

Feel free to add anymore that I missed. I know there are some. Just can’t think of any right now.