The Cuban Socialist Economy


There used to be a joke in the old Soviet Union:
Question: What would happen if Socialism came to the Sahara Desert?
Answer : In three years’ time, there would be a severe shortage of sand.

And now … in Cuba … which used to export millions of tons of sugar … they have to import sugar from France!!!

Read more about it here, in a remarkable publication, The Havana Times.

If anyone is interested in helping advance the cause of liberty in Cuba – peacefully – PM me.


I don’t know. Sadly the country has a long history of dictatorships as do many of the countries in Latin America. I don’t think that they could handle freedom if they had it.


Please, please think again. That’s what the people who defend the Cuban and Venezuelan governments argue. Some of them say, “Yes, it’s true there’s not democracy as we know it … no truly free press, for example… but they’ve never had it and this is the best they can do.”

I don’t believe that for a minute. Cuba has had democratic government, albeit with serious flaws – unlike our perfect democracy where there are no problems whatsoever-- and they will have it again.

The truths of liberty are self-evident. Cuba now actually has a well-educated population, and when I travelled there a couple of years ago – staying in private homes, going across the island by bus, talking to people int he streets – I didn’t meet one enthusiastic supporter of the government. And I met plenty of would-be entrepreneurs.

But … the government cuts them off from the world, or tries to. In particular, the great classics of liberty, which have been translated into Spanish, are not available. But now, with digital media, they can be. And some people are working to make that possible. It’s an exciting way to contribute to the progress of freedom around the world.

Cuba has the chance to make a peaceful transition to a more open system, perhaps even all the way, eventually, to free elections. Private individuals outside of Cuba can help this process. It’s a chance to strike a blow against socialist dictatorship.


I just wish the followers of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could grasp the connection between their dreams and the experience of real socialism there and in Venezuela.


I had an idea a few months ago … somehow convince Mr Soros, and/or other billionaire-lefties, to subsidize trips to Cuba and Venezuela for idealistic American college kids. They could be sold as ‘Helping the Cuban/Venezuelan people resist Imperiailsm’ or something like that. A few weeks in either of these countries ought to open the eyes of all but the most fanatical.

However … my proposed financers are probably too smart to fall for it.

In the meantime, there are some brave people in Cuba who are pushing on the boundaries there – trying to advance freedom in that country. Look at this online journal, in both English and Spanish, and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about: The Havana Times.