The Debate tonight


Watched a portion of the predebate and was extremely disappointed with all four . Huckabee was toast/. He has lost any ‘mojo’ he had.
Now as I watch the main debate, I am disappointed in the mods again. They are deliberately trying to set one against another. Wolf seems a bit more adult about things but the other two are trouble makers. Rand paul is one nasty dude who shows me the petulance of a child. and cowardice of a RINO. So far Cruz, Christi and Fiorina seem to be the stronger and Trump is less the buffoon and more the statesman on some issues. Rubio seems to be trying to catch up. Like to hear other comments.


Why is Tubby the Neocon and Sugar Baby Marco both getting more air time than Cruz? Also Rand is nailing it.


rand is nailing it??? more like scotch taping it. The man is an abject coward


I got shut down too late to watch it live online and have not found a replay anywhere so all I have seen so far is some highlight clips on CNN’s website, they made Jeb seem desperate and petty and Paul seem childish and naive; pretty standard stuff I guess.

The only clip of Trump they had was when he demeaned Jeb after Jeb tried to call Trump a “Chaos Candidate”, I laughed; Jeb Bush really does look like a guy they just pulled in off the street lately; I would feel sorry for him if he were not trying to help the GOP burn the Constitution.


Paul/Cruz tacked Rubio to the wall on immigration, surveillance, and foreign policy. Love watching him get smacked around!

Update: Rubio email

And between Trump and Carson piling on, the neocons took a good beating tonight!


The biggest disservice that CNN did (not that they wanted to do the GOP a service) was to have nine candidates in the main debate. At this juncture the only real candidates are Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. And maybe Christie if he does well enough in New Hampshire. The 3%-ers should not be in the overcard debate.


I’ve not been terribly impressed with any of these candidates, tonight’s show was overall pretty lame. Nothing memorable, no one really sold a vision or clear direction. No one “won” and no one really lost. The only surprise was maybe that Cruz and Paul sorta ganged up on Rubio.


By now the candidates should have been weaned down to only the top three and that would have made a more interesting debate with time to actually answer questions.


Fully agree with this.

I’d be perfectly happy with just Cruz, Trump, and Rubio.


Fiorina and Paul impressed me the most; they approached national security matters with thoughtfulness and nuance, and refrained from the braying bellicosity conveyed by Trump and, especially, Cruz. Cruz didn’t win any friends he doesn’t already have on the far right; his hard-on about carpet-bombing Syrian cities simply turned me off. Bush had a better night but still seems uncomfortable on the debate stage (he sounded much more polished and real in a post-debate interview.)

Right now for me it’s coming down to Paul, Fiorina and Kasich; they are clearly the class of the field and all could kick Hillary’s ass if nominated. I really did approach Cruz with an open mind but he more than any of the others just unnerved me. Rubio was strong and I can see him gaining support from this debate, but he (like Cruz) are debaters, not executives. Christie’s right - there’s something fundamentally lacking in both their resumes, just as there was in Obama’s - a lack of experience making real decisions. (Paul suffers from the same flaw, to be fair, but he won my applause when he took down Cruz with the deftness of a surgeon.)


At this point, I would be OK with the top 5 or 6 compared to the overpopulated stages that they keep throwing at us.


I’d like to see all nine candidates remain for future debates, at least through Iowa. Winnowing the field down to a demogogue and two freshmen Senators would be a mistake.


The moderators were again the clear losers! I was extremely disappointed but not surprised that they didn’t give equal time to all. They gave more time to Rubio and Bush; their GOP wannabes so to keep the Washington cartel in tact. IMHO Bush shouldn’t have even been on the main debate stage nor Fiorina or Paul; they are polling below 5%! It is only Bush’s money that is keeping him alive and the push and desire from the media and the Clinton camp for him to be the front runner.

Winners last night were Cruz and Trump. I thought Paul did ok but his poll numbers just aren’t there. I am tired of hearing the same old speech from Fiorina and her interruptions were annoying. Equally annoying was Kasich who tries to elevate himself above the rest and fails to do so. What was with all his hand motions? He looked like a demented windmill. As for Rubio; he will sink himself with all of his lies. He is a member of the Gang of Eight; he is part of the Washington cartel and he isn’t going to be able to lie his way out of that. There are others issues that Rubio has sided with the left on that will sink his ship; Trump and Cruz are far from done with him. Christie was so so. Again the moderators seemed to give him more time then they should have considering that his poll numbers are down. If the MSM/GOPe can’t get Rubio or Bush, Christie would be their next choice; he’s another part of the Washington cartel. Carson…wow…he had a really bad night with his answer on N. Korea/oil. He didn’t do himself any favors last night.


What is a mistake is to pretend that those polling at 5% or below have a chance. If Bush didn’t have the GOPe the DEMS and his money behind him, he wouldn’t have made it to the main stage last night. It is really doing a disservice to the viewers as they take time from the candidates who actually have a shot at winning. Right now Cruz is ahead of Trump in Iowa. Cruz, Trump, Rubio and Carson are leading in the polls and the rest of them have dwindled significantly. After last night’s performance I anticipate that Carson will continue to slide. The clear front runners are Cruz, Trump and Rubio – those are the three real contenders.

As for the “demogogue and two freshmen Senators”; they have earned their place in the polls. I would love to see Cruz as our president. Trump is better than any of the other remaining candidates. I don’t care for the Gang of Eight Rubio; but he is the better of all the other remaining candidates (except perhaps Paul).


I was again reminded why I think Fiorina is the class of the field. However, I do not see here breaking through to the top of the ticket.

That said, she would be my clear choice for the VP spot. The internet, social media and especially encryption have become vital pieces to the overall war with radical Islam and dealing with China, etc., regarding data theft.

I hope the field winnows down soon after Iowa and New Hampshire. 9 or 10 people on a stage fighting for face-time and hoping for a quotable line is ridiculous. This needs to get down to 5 or so candidates - let’s have those with substantial support square off.

As for the moderators - I think they did OK. Look, Bush was going to attack Trump no matter what. Likewise, Rubio and Cruz were going to get into it.


I’m OK with Carly, but last night she did nothing but get on my nerves. Constantly harping on how she worked her way up from a secretary position, and constantly interrupting because other candidates were getting mic time got old, fast.

She also seems to be taking a page from Hildebeast: “Vote for me because I have a vagina!”


Mike, my take on any debate is ‘The issues’, not placing one personality against another. I despise what these moderators try to do, and that is to foment action for ratings. FOX was just as guilty as the rest of the networks.
Now for the field: Rand Paul caters to the faint of heart, He does well in that sector. I felt that for the little air time she got Fiorina did quite well, but because Bush and Rubio had to hog the air with their dual battles with Trump and Cruz instead of just addressing the issues everybody lost air time. Kasich was a clear loser and I am not sure how he rated primetime. Christi was actually pretty good, Carson got very little time and in my opinion takes too much time to get to the subject. in other words he wastes his own time.
Trump held his own and Cruz held his own so I line it up this way, Cruz, Fiorina, Trump, Christi, and Rubio, and the rest fall in far afterward.


Christie does good in debates, unless the subject is your rights. Specifically the 2nd Amendment. He is plainly anti 2nd Amendment.


Christie has never said he’d take away your precious guns. He supports reasonable regulation consistent with the 2nd amendment. In that regard, he’s squarely in the mainstream.

Christie was bellicose just as Cruz was, but Cruz is a mere child, like Obama was. We should not be electing freshmen Senators to the Presidency. We should learn from our mistakes, not repeat them.

I’m with Mike - Fiorina’s the class of the field, with the kind of executive experience that will allow her to function well as President.


Chris Christie on Gun Control

MILLER: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie does a 180 on gun control, vetoes radical bills - Washington Times

I’ll just leave it at that. As usual, your post is completely full of Barbara Striesand.