The Debate

Did you watch the Trump / Biden debate tonight?

I was surprised that President Trump was so rude. I’m sure his strategy was to fluster Biden into making some of his trademark gaffs. But he came across like a bully beating up the weakling. And I was surprised that old Biden seemed to keep it mostly together.

But if anyone should be given a pass for acting the bully, it’s President Trump. He’s been wrongfully brutalized and lied about without mercy for four straight years.

That was pretty unwatchable. I watched it, but I’m not better for it. As for him being rude to try and throw his opponent off, that’s pretty par for the course with him.

Notably he didn’t do mock debates beforehand, just q&a sessions with Chris Christie. Why bother preparing substantiative answers and rebuttals when you can just try to destroy your opponent directly? I think he relies on this crutch because he knows he’s outmatched. If he weren’t, he wouldn’t need to resort to such childish tactics.

For me, the biggest moment of the night was Trump refusing to tell white supremacists and right wing militia groups to stand down. Instead opting to say they should “stand by” name-dropping the proud boys directly.

I may have to go back and look for that. But it’s always confusing to me when people reference “white supremacists”. The white supremacists in America’s history have been almost exclusively Democrats. And President Trump has done nothing to indicate allegiance with any such thinking. But the media seems to always snidely suggest that Republicans are white supremacists.

Anyone count how many times President Trump uttered the phrase, “like you’ve never seen before”?

The right wing militia group thing is a red herring. Their presence is minor compared to Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Trump should have asked Biden why he didn’t ask Black Lives Matter and Antifa to cool it. He didn’t because he was too busy being too aggressive.

Biden mouthed the Democrat lie that Antifa does not exist and “is only a concept.” I guess “concepts” break windows, spray paint buildings, beat up those who oppose them and start fires.

Overall it was a bad night for Trump. He was too aggressive. He didn’t let Biden have the time to say something stupid. He should backed off, taken notes while Biden babbled and then taken him to the woodshed. Instead he talked over him and let Chis Wallace have the chance to admonish him for not playing be the rules.

One thing that I learned is that we have “the Biden environmental plan” despite the fact that his running mate and all of the movers and shakers in the Democrat Party have endorsed The Green New Deal. Trump in his bluster failed to point that out, which would have been a good talking point.

Last night was a disaster. It left the undecided voters with the impression that Biden is competent and maybe even has a level of independence from the far left of the party. He has neither. Last night will provide the sheep with an excuse to follow the old, toothless sheepdog, Biden, while the left wing wolves are barely obscured in the woods ready devour them after January 20, 2021.


Chris Wallace should NEVER be allowed to “moderate” a debate ever again. President Trump found himself debating BOTH Biden and Wallace most of the time last night. My wife was disturbed by the President’s tendency to interrupt Biden, but even SHE thought the President got ganged up on.

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I agree with your point about Wallace. He is a liberal, like his father, and you can tell that the Democrat is his candidate. He’s probably bucking for a job with CBS News which needs a boost to its sagging ratings.

That’s exactly my take on it. I just posted a new article on BO knowing about the Hildabeest’s involvement in the “Russian” connection just before the 2016 election. Guess she lost. HAHAHAHAHA!!

I doubt there are very many true undecideds who intend to vote. Given last night’s train wreck, that’s might be good thing for Trump. That said, in my view Trump is long, in fact very long, on good policy decisions and short, very short on debating ability/debating strategy. That’s a shame - for all of us. Nearly all of the media outlets are hammering Trump today. Unfortunately, some of the criticism is justified. .Trump had many openings to scorch Biden last night, and failed to fully do so on several occasions.

If Biden happens to win this election with all of the BS the Dems have done and are doing and have said they will do if Biden is elected, Trump can point to not just the biased media hammering/lies for 4 years, but to himself as well.

Let’s hope he does better.

Honestly, it’s hard to deny that Trump does it to himself.

James Woods


Four things we now know:

Biden does not have dementia. He’s just mildly stupid and a gross prevaricator.

A vote for Biden is a vote for Harris.

Fox News is CNN in wolf’s clothing.

Trump is a street thug, but he’s our street thug.

Authentic, unafraid, and brutal. #VoteRed

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Your response to all instances of voter fraud is that it doesn’t exist. If that’s the best you can do, why bother with you?

There were 100,000 ballots sent to the wrong addresses in New York yesterday. But I know, it doesn’t exist.

Yep. He’s given up on winning over single, fierce, cuurrvyy, mayo womyxn
Going full tilt on Mexican and black men.

We’ll see how it works out. This is all about Pennsylvania, Florida, and Arizona.

Lol, not the take I saw from anyone on the Left. I’ll grant my Leftist people are more on the Chapo/Cumtown side than the MotherJones/Jezebel side, but they were absolutely not happy with Biden spending more time dumping on Bernie and the Left than Trump did.
Biden is going all in on his “appeal to moderate Republicans”(who don’t exist).

This is a base turnout election, and a realignment. “God I hate Bernie Sanders SO MUCH” is not a constituency of undecided voters.

Let’s go down the list of things Biden said he’ll spit in the face of progressives over:

  1. Medicare for All (he’s going to give Medicare to poor people - and that’s the end of his plan)

  2. No Green New Deal, just some vague promise to stop building new coal plants(there is currently ONE coal plant under construction in Alaska - the first new coal plant in over a decade)

  3. SALT tax repeal - which exclusively benefits people in the top 20% of incomes.

  4. States he’s not a socialist - he beat the socialist!

  5. Going back on $15 minimum wage, now it will just be the prevailing rate in that state

This was just like a giant “Go vote for somebody else” performance for Biden. Who went from voting for Trump to Biden over this? Literally no one. Who was grudgingly voting for Biden as the “lesser of two evils” who just said they can’t be bothered to vote for this guy. That’s your much larger group.

I think the point about Wallace rushing in to save Biden as Biden was “on the ropes”, or heading in that direction, is well taken. The point I clumsily attempted to make earlier was that Trump could have all but knocked Biden out last night and simply failed to fully connect on several occasions.

That said, Trump is a fighter and showed it - perhaps a bit too much. But Biden’s, “Hey, shut up, man”, was childish and demonstrated his inability to deal with frustration. Trump does need to make more of an issue of the pre-pandemic economy and it’s relevance to lifting the financial boat of all Americans, especially those on the lower end of the economic ladder/ minorities and the strengthening economic recovery underway. Tying Biden and his Party and supporters to the months-long rioting, looting and burning of businesses is a must; pointing out clearly that the rioters are NOT Trump voters, but Biden voters - and their mayhem has and is occurring exclusively in long-held Democrat cities. Finally, clearly and unequivocally denouncing extremist of any stripe is a must for Trump.

Finally, IMHO “journalists”/“news” anchors/media types in general should not be moderators of any debate. To be blunt about it, media bias is so rampant and destructive that I think there should be no moderator at all - each candidate should come with questions he/she wish to ask their opponent, set a time limit for the question and answer, the producer should cut the mic if the time limit is exceeded and let the candidates have at it.

Had last night’s debate been a prize fight one could honestly say Chris Wallace did a great Job as Joe Biden’s cut man and corner attendant.


I googled “cuurrvyy, mayo womyxn” but came up blank.

Are you saying President Trump is “going full tilt on Mexican and black men”? What the heck does that mean? Are you sober?

Couldn’t it just be that they gave him the maximum (dangerous) dose of Adderall?

So mistakes are fraud?

Or, he doesn’t have dementia?

Yes, but literally the whole 1.5hrs was childish on the part of the President. Shows he is either incapable or unwilling to observe the rules of decorum. Either way, it was a spectacle of his own making. The only thing that Trump has shown is that he is a chaos maker. I think in the beginning that served him well as there were a lot of people across the political spectrum that wanted someone to really shake things up. But a lot of those people really want him to stop shaking and start getting things done.

For example, healthcare. It’s been 4 years. There is no plan, unless tearing down the existing plan is the extent of his plan.

The belief that he has dementia is widespread. It’s not an idle insult, it’s based on lots observations by lots of people. But I guess @silliessis could be right, he could be “just mildly stupid and a gross prevaricator” instead.

Do you seriously think that’s it?

Very early on, he told the NK nuisance “my button’s bigger.” Did you think that was said on impulse like an undisciplined child? The hate-filled media said essentially that. But it turned out to be a very carefully calculated strategy. He knocked him off his guard with that loose cannon talk and then gave him astonishingly honorable treatment. As a result, the nuisance has been no more problem ever since. It was a brilliant strategy. Few give him the credit he deserves.

No, I’m pretty sure the president’s behavior last night was carefully calculated to fluster Biden into making some of his trademark gaffs and lose his place and be unable to make his case. It was a gambit, like sacrificing a piece in chess. It didn’t quite work the way he wanted it to, but it did cause Biden to resort to ad hominem attacks. And he did look weak.