The debates


In three days ie: Wednesday Night; the first of the presidential debates will be held, and I have seen NOT ONE COMMENT on it, here. It will be held in a liberalstate, liberal city, with a uberliberal network and superuberliberal moderator.
Anybody with any thoughts?


It is designed to be the obvious liberal ambush that it already appears to be. They must have the first debate framed as an uberliberal lovefest which involves a sacraficial “Conservative” lamb to be in the center of it ontop which all of their hate can be focused.


Do you think Romney will be “up” to it?


Rom MUST hit it out of the ball park or its over. I don’t a win is good enough, it must be what is military guys call a ‘decisive victory’.

We do a possible edge. bammy cannot work off a teleprompter so that puts him in a weak position.

Were I Rom, I would go for hard hitting and challenge him by attacking his record. bammy is a narcissist to the highest degree who has surrounded himself with sycophants all his life, he cannot take the heat in the kitchen. he HATES to be challenged and a few hard punches will throw him off balance and bring out the hate in him. He will start staggering like a punch drunk fighter and begin to throw punches wildly. Get him off message and whtch him fold like a wet taco.


The liberals are scared:

DNC spokesman thinks Mitt Romney will win first presidential debate vs. Barack Obama -


Ya got a point there, NJC. It was briefly discussed here:

Cam thinks that Romney will clean 'Bammy’s clock. May as well c & p what I said there:

Romney will stay on topic, and answer succinctly, and adequately. Obama will go off topic, point out how all those nasty, evil Republicans kept him from achieving all his marvelous plans, and Lehrer will not only allow it, but pronounce him the ‘winner’.

I don’t know how anyone can describe Lehrer as an “unknown” when I always viewed him as leaning so far to the left that the right legs of his chair came off the floor. But I guess that’s just me. (Oh, and you. lol)

I’m worried, and will be watching the debate hoping like heck that Romney does exactly as 17Oaks said above.

(I REFUSE, however, to listen to any Talking Head explain to me what I just heard as if I’m a 2 yr. old who needs Hanzel & Gretel explained to me. The insult is just too much to bear.)


I think you’re gonna see the Romney that took Newt to the cleaners in Florida on stage on Wednesday.
He will come out in command of the facts…the lies…and the failures of Obama and go on offense.
The question for me is…will it matter?.. since most people will get their debate report from the MSM while they watch NCIS reruns.


They say that but its a ruse…I feel they believe that bammy will walk over Rom like Jesus over water. Look at those around him and you see nothing but ultimate yes folks. That is his choice. Listen to Rice, Carney and any of them come on national TV and LIE, you can tell in their face and eyes they know they are lying. bammy is a house of cards built upon liars and a media that has stepped way beyond the line and would be the envy of the best Russian propaganda machine of the 60’s. Obama is a two bit hack lawyer who has rode the horse of affirmative action and white guilt all his life. Were it not for the folks who prop him up and have done so all his life he would be suckin the welfare teat and chewin on rib bones he bought from food stamps.


Well, the new NCIS is on tuesdays! :rofl:


I’d like to reinforce your take on Ovomit’s temperment 'cuz you’re so right! He’s so thin-skinned that he takes any disagreement with his policies as a personal affront, then loses his temper due to his lack of self control - Something of which Romney is not lacking whatsoever.

Ya give me hope, dude!


Oh noooo!!! And I don’t have the ability to tape it!
Aha! :lightbulb: But I DO have 2 t.v.'s.

DUH! Just struck me that the debate’s on Wednesday. :facepalm: LOL


Oh good. I’m glad you’re here, Cam, 'cuz I wanted to ask what you meant by,
“The Leher factor is the big unknown.”



Like I said…RERUNS…Wed. Nite 9PM…USA network! :smiley:


Moderator: Jim Lehrer (Host of NewsHour on PBS)

Noted lib newscaster…the QUESTIONS and FOLLOWUPS he ask can tilt the debate and frame things in an unanticipated manner. Romney does not only have to beat BHO… read this…Jim Lehrer: Not a ‘Bias-Free’ Moderator |


I know who Lehrer is. I was only wondering what you could possibly question to be UNknown about the guy.
Any candidate who doesn’t anticipate the left manner in which the questions will be framed doesn’t deserve to be on that stage.
Which is what makes me a bit nervous about the debate.
Sometimes I wish a candidate would clean Lehrer’s clock!


Romney could destroy in one blow if he attacked him on signing the NDAA, well aware of the indefinite denetion provision included, as well as bringing up Obama’s vote for infanticide. Unfortunately, Romney said he would sign the NDAA, and his pro-choice positions in the past give Obama an excuse to say he has changed on infanticide.


Ahh…understood. Gingrich was good at that…maybe he should give Mitt a buzz! :smiley:


That he IS!..and SHOULD! :smiley:


[quote=“Cam, post:17, topic:36365”]
Ahh…understood. Gingrich was good at that…maybe he should give Mitt a buzz! :smiley:
[/quote]Gingrich: How to debate Obama - Conservative News

He forgot the mention, use a heavy dosage of adverbs.


THAT was excellent! (And proves Cam right. /smile)