The decline of male space


I was just thinking about male space last night as I drove through some neighborhoods and saw televisions flickering and men gathered at neighborhood club houses to watch the Super Bowl. It seems like only on this day are men allowed to have a place of their own. It reminded me of this piece I read about the decline of male space (via News Alert and Instapundit). The article was written by Brett McKay, the author of The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man

Dr. Helen: The decline of male space

Now I have enjoyed the TV show man caves and now I am hearing about a new phenomena woman caves.

Man Caves : DIY Network

My question is fellows is do you have your man cave?


We have a family game/movie room but really it has turned into mine and my stepdads man den. When we are in there my mother and sisters rarely disturb us. We have a Xbox360(mine), PS3(stepdads) and a 64inch TV(disputed as I payed half lol) and two multimedia chairs and surround sound. My mom still claims that it is a family room but we know the truth. lol Other than that the rest of the house besides the kitchen is the girls area. We(me and stepdad) had no say when they were decorating the house.


My dad has his arm chair in the living room, and to a lesser extent the kitchen, and doesn’t seem to want more than that. Personally I don’t see why men need their own space any more than women do, or why it should be divided along gender lines at all. For instance, my brother and I share the game room, as well as a bathroom.


Men need their space Suds.


So? Don’t women, too?


No cause women most of the time take over the house. Like in my house my mom and sisters have have their stuff all through the house and get mad at us(me and stepfather) we leave something somewhere or clean up their mess.


Then they’re being hypocritical and deserve to be smacked upside the head. You tell them that from me. =)


It’s Man Cave! When you say den it takes the manly edge off it.


I have my office where I reign as benevolent Dictator, and my garage.

My wife pretty much has the rest of the house but I do commandeer the living room where my chair is for a few specific events like the NFL.

Much better TV in the Living Room.


:rofl: Will do.


My ex used to commandeer the living room (where he sat all day long in front of the television). But when the only working television in the house belonged to FC, he wouldn’t let him watch it all day long. He whined, and howled, until we got our old TV fixed, and put it up in his bedroom with a recliner, and he sat there all day long watching TV …


I think I got the pronouns in this post mixed up. :awkward: So - blue is FC and red is your ex, do I have that right?


Yep, you got it.


This topic reminds me of an old “Married with Children” episode in which Al Bundy couldn’t afford to go on vacation, so he instead put up a fence around the coach and TV in the living room and didn’t allow anyone to enter while he went on “Vacation.” Now, I don’t advocate something like that, but I do think that both men and women need their “space” and personal time. I have an office at home where I retire to watch football etc and other programs which hold no interest for my wife and kids. On Saturday I usually watch the kids while the wife does her thing. Having some space and free time helps keep everyone sane I think.


What happens to Seravee also happens to me, although it shouldn’t be happening…


In my house I had my music room. Most of my gear is at my Dad’s house right now though. We’re in an apartment until I feel like I’m ready to buy a house again.

Anyhow, considering I have 13 guitars, a drum set, a full PA system, recording equipment, an odd half dozen guitar amps, more effects units than I can count and so on… unless the wife wants to deal with me playing in the living room, I need a room of my own.

And then there’s the gun collection…

Right now, it’s split between mine and my Dad’s house also. My skeet thrower and most of my target related gear is at his place, since I shoot mostly at the Army reserve base near his house. The local area PD’s and the Sheriff’s dept shoot there also, fun times.


Been nice knowing you, man.


Funeral is at 3:00. LOL


oh my gawd that is funny