The Democrat’s Big Decision on Choosing a VP Candidate

If the polls are accurate and don’t change, it looks like Democrats have the 2020 election in the bag. If that’s true, they should be thinking long and hard about the VP pick because there is a 99.9% chance that person will be President.

Things could change, of course. Jimmy Carter was ahead of Ronald Reagan at this point in 1980, but Reagan was the challenger.

Biden is a tired old man with a failing mind. There is no way that he will be in office for four years unless we are ready to accept a president in a vegetative state.

The Democrats had a similar dilemma in 1944. Those who were close to Franklin D. Roosevelt knew that he would not last for four more years. He had terminal cardiovascular disease. His doctors knew it, but they were not going to make it public.

The vice president was Henry Wallace. Wallace had been the secretary of agriculture. When John Nance Garner left the administration after serving as vice president for two terms, Wallace got the nod.

Wallace was an extreme liberal, perhaps a socialist. He was also very arrogant and had a huge ego as he would prove when he ran a third party effort to unset Truman in 1948. He thought that he was entitled to FDR’s political legacy.

He had totally naïve view of the Soviet Union. At one people he compared them to the “young Christians.” He couldn’t see the threat to Joseph Stalin posed.

There was little chance that FDR would lose in 1944 despite the fact that he was running for an unprecedented fourth term. The man had lock on the presidency for as long as he wanted it.

At first FDR stood firm and said he wanted Wallace, but after a while he saw that many Democrats met business. Wallace had to go. Fortunately, his replacement was Harry Truman.

If the democrats allow him to participate in even one debate his poll numbers will plummet. Doesn’t matter if it’s CNN loaded with questions fed to him in advance. He’s dead meat. The democrats know this, what’s their plan?


  1. After the VP selection and official nomination they 86 him and run “his” VP pick?

  2. Go ahead and deliberately lose the election leaving Joe “in charge” of the DNC and the party apparatus? At least they won’t have Bernie or some far left loon in charge of the party.

  3. Pray for a miracle?


PS The polls are meaningless. Cherry picked demographics and Bradley effect.

Another strategy would be to set the expectations super low for Biden’s debate performance. That way if he puts two words together, the lame stream press will say that he did far better than expected and that the American people need to put their faith in Biden and not “The divisive and unhinged Trump.”

Biden will not spend a single day “ahead in polls”, getting 40 million votes in Kalifornia counts the same as getting 20,000,001 votes; the internals of these “polls” render them utterly meaningless.

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Let us not forget 2016…the polls and the MSM. Same feces just another election cycle…


There are a lot of conservatives who either won’t answer a poll, or give the pollster bogus information. Some us don’t trust the polls anyway because the press will “cook the books” to make their one-sided point.

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If I were ever “polled” by one of these organizations, I’d absolutely lie about who I supported. That’s probably how they got that “98% chance that Hillary’s elected” crap in 2016.

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It’s going to be Warren or Harris. I’d be blown away if it’s anyone else.