The difference between Brits and Americans

You were suspecting it…YOU were wondering what happened to the British empire. They’re pussified. In this video you’ll hear about the record of Professor Pants Down, Neil Ferguson, a comrade of our own Dr. Fauci. These scientists are making a play for power over the US. Don’t allow it. It’s 58 minutes long…but well worth it. I don’t care…skip around. I"ll post the high points in my opinion.

14 to 1730 Scientists associated with each other and Bill Gates Foundation and WHO.

17:33-20.04 Neil Ferguson, Professor PantsDown. his modelling track record

20.04 difference in Sweden and UK policies for Covid

UK: No deaths at any cost and the sheeple complied
Sweden: Keep spread down and society can function.

23.25 Thank you to America and Americans who voted for Trump.

26.40 fauci and ferguson……all very closely linked, to gates and to vaccines.

27.30 employment rate and schemes in UK compared to US.

I’ll add more later. stop at 28.55