The difference between lefties and righties

If someone trips on their shoe strings, a republican would suggest that the person learn to tie their shoes.

A democrat would say that all humanity should forever be banned from walking upright. Because by their logic if you’re crawling you can’t trip. When presented with the fact that walking is easier, saves time, and can be done safely by most people, they will present the video taken on their cell phone of the person tripping on their shoe laces, call you a racist, call you a homophobe, and then petition that all police should be erased unless they’re helping to arrest people who walk upright.

Well what if someone walking upright would perhaps help another person more quickly than someone crawling? That’s just the myth of the efficient walker; walking never helped anyone; it should never have been invented. Take away the right to walk and you take away the potential for someone tripping on their shoe laces.

Makes sense.

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