The disturbing tread of history


When I studied European history in undergraduate school, in the late 1960s, it seems that the state of world was improving over time. Democracy was gaining, capitalism was spreading, and freedom and human rights were spreading.

Now socialism and communism are raising their ugly heads and freedom is in retreat. The young people have failed to learn anything from history because they have programmed to think that the collective, with dictatorial leaders at the head, will bring peace, prosperity and fairness. They ignore the history of the Soviet Union and can’t grasp what is going on in Venezuela and China. When one college student was confronted with the fact that there are 2 million political prisoners in China, his reaction was, “That’s a bunch of bu** sh**!”

Now we are faced with a critical presidential election. All of the major candidates on the Democratic side are declared or de facto socialists. You have to reach down to the candidates with virtually no support to find anyone who is a “moderate.”

Many conservatives think Trump has the upper hand in the election, but I am not one of them. Lead by California and New York, the Democrats enter the race with a huge upper hand. If they get more states, like Colorado, to vote for the national popular vote law, which gives their delegates to the candidate who wins the nation-wide popular vote, regardless of how their state vote went, the Democrats will have an even bigger advantage.

If any of the Democrat front runners wins the election, with possible exception of Biden, they will pact the courts and bureaucracy with those who advocate “the dictatorship or the proletariat,” and democracy will be finished. There will be no turning back. The people who tried to engineer the coup against Trump using the FBI and courts will be in control, and there will be no stopping them.

Do you think that I am an alarmist or do you think we are facing great dangers with respect to freedom and human rights?

  1. I don’t see the NPV initiative getting to the tipping point any time soon and there are serious question about it’s constitutionality; notably the “compact clause” which would require Congressional approval.

  2. If they don’t win the presidency and the Senate, they can’t pack any courts.

  3. The communist/socialist/progressive candidates will destroy Biden even before the Republicans get a crack at him. The only ones that DON’T attack him are those hoping for a VP slot. The “moderate” establishment democrats like Nancy and Chuck don’t want a socialist to lead them off the cliff. Michelle Obama may enter the race (as late as possible) to save the day. On kitchen table economics and social values the democrats are bleeding blacks, Hispanics and Catholics. They not only need 85% black vote, the need record high turnout; there not going to get that with Biden, Sanders or any of the loony dwarfs. An Obama “third term” might pull it off.

My very liberal step-son said he liked Mayor Pete. I asked him to close his eyes and imagine him or Beto, or Swalwell etc. in head to head meeting and negotiating with Xi, RocketMan or even Angela Merkle. His reply was, “Well, maybe Kamala, she looks mean enough”.

The far left enthusiasm is because they believe the 2018 “Blue Wave” was important and real. It was closer to an “Orange Wave” with many retiring Trump-hating RINOS replaced with Trump supporters.

I know the wheels of justice turn slowly but there is still a good chance that Brennan, Clapper, Comey etc. get perp-walked in time. CourtTV is back! Maybe, just maybe, the Federal Court rule against cameras in the courtroom will get waived. Remember, the Supreme Court allowed audio on at least one occasion in the public interest. A trial of criminal conspirancy at the highest levels of government is certainly of paramount public interest.

Don’t worry, be happy (it beats anxiety produced ulcers).