The DNC is Burning to the Ground


So after the whole email dump where it became plain that Bernie was right when he said the entire DNC party establishment was working against him, his folks are not exactly happy. As a matter of fact, they seem to be more in** arson mode(read comments)**, than unifying around Clinton. The infighting is getting pitched. And the “screw you guys, I’m sitting this one out” camp, seems to be a lot larger than the Cruz holdouts.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not exactly helping matters. After being caught red-handed, she’s stepping down as the DNC Chair after President Obama pushed out, and joining the Clinton campaign(because nothing clears up ethical charges of corruption and collusion with the Clinton camp… like subsequently joining the Clinton campaign as senior staff). She’s set to be the opening speaker tonight, where you can anticipate she’s going to be booed off the stage, much like Ted Cruz.

I remember a good couple of months ago, when practically everyone outside of Republicans was predicting a Clinton landslide and a huge boon to down ballot Dems. Maybe they could even retake the House and Senate! Trump continues to rise, while Clinton is busy trying to put out fires in campaign bus. At this moment in time, a fractured Republican Party is still looking more unified than the Democrats.

What do you suppose will happen to the Democrats as a whole, over this affair?


Looks like DWS ‘changed her mind’ after all and won’t open the DNC. I was getting excited to watch her get booed off the stage too😟


Debbie Wasserman Schultz is one nasty woman. I’m not sorry to see her go, except for one thing. She won’t be heading up the off-year elections for the Democrats, and she was doing such good job with that too. :drool: If she had stayed on for another couple of election cycles, we might have gotten a veto proof Senate. :yes:


There is a claim that there is going to be a big dump of Hillary Clinton written emails in the future. Won’t it be wonderful if she ends up with her panties around her ankles :Thud: instead of a wad as they usually are. :dramaqueen::angry26:

This is supposed to contain some of the stuff she had on her server. It would be turly ironic if her disregard for secuity REALLY came back to bite her in the butt.


Isn’t Wasserman a Jewish name? Just curious.


You ever see a religious Leftist?

Their religion is GOVERNMENT.


I would like to meet Deb Whasherwoman Schlitz’s husband. Just like to know what kind of a man would marry a woman that UGLY INSIDE and OUTSIDE, is he deaf and blind by any chance, maybe into abuse or his lobotomy operation cut too deep?


[quote=“Whitmore, post:5, topic:49154”]
Isn’t Wasserman a Jewish name? Just curious.

He’s actually considerably uglier than she is. Though I’ve never thought she was ugly so much as poorly styled. She’d be decent looking with better hair and different makeup style(as you can see in this pic).


It isn’t burning fast enough. Cory Booker is STILL talking in this, what I assume to be the 4th hour of his speech.


this is painful. They lie so convincingly. They lie with such facile.


Can someone please explain to Elizabeth Warren that it’s actually her party that divides people into convenient demographics, trumpets up their imagined “rights” and how they’re being trampled on, and turns our nation against itself? Can someone please explain to Ms. Warren that a Christian bakery refusing to cater a homosexual “marriage” is not unjust discrimination, but is actually an act of conscience? Or that raising the minimum wage would kill small businesses like the one I work for, and also hurt people who currently make a little above it, like me?

Barring that, can someone please just make it stop? My head hurts.


She knows it.

It’s intentional. All they have is the politics of division. Create hate and envy and promise the fix lies in using government power to GET EVEN.



So far, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren and other first day speakers are demonstrating that presenting lies, distortions and empty platitudes works quite well when presented to a building full of low-voltage, low-information individuals - what we colloquially refer to as, idiots.

Michelle Obama’s speech clearly demonstrated that it is impossible for many African Americans to move past the “plantation” mentality surrounding slavery. She punctuated her speech by noting she and her husband live in the White House - a house built by slaves. We are 150 years removed from slavery and slavery is still driving the narrative among many African Americans - including the Obama’s.

“Victimhood” politics in full bloom.


I listened to Warren and Bernie last night and and felt it was a comedy routine. If you did not watch then let me sum up both speeches in ONE word…FREE!

Don’t care what it is, its gonna be free for everyone, healthcare, college, forgive all debt (which currently is $1.1 TRILLION), Medicare will kick in at age 55. Min wage will = American’s living wage, about $50k per year for bussing tables at MC D’s. Just to name a few…


Don, you mean they are going to give us both the chicken AND the pot to cook it in? Damn, that’s a powerful message!! LOL


and the middle class will pay for it until we are starving and destitute. Then the money is gone. what then?


Like ALL COMMUNIST SOCIALIST efforts it will end in failure, they will run out of money and then it collapses and in all cases, Capitalism takes over.


Dear God, thank you that Al Franken is not a Republican.
(And the Church responded,“Amen”.)
And thank you for sending Al Sharpton to another Church.
And making the Democratic Duo,the comedy team of Clinton and Kaine, so repulsive to right thinking folk that we will not be led astray.
Cause us to number our days,(as Obama’s are numbered).
Let it be.