THE EIGHT WOES OF THE APOCALYPSE! (and we now have four to go)


In a convincing bit of chicannery, double crossing, and two-faced rhetoric, second only to our own RICHARD MILHOUSE, we are stuck with a real problem for four more years.
Boy, those MAYANS sure predicted THIS one!!!
Fox News should get in touch with the Mayan Calender…maybe they can pick a winner for 2016…if there is a 2016!
(Sorry…my mood is a mite bit depressed this morning)
A curse on Al Sharpton!

The Senator

But, ye oppressed, join me in our anthem: “WE SHALL be OVERCOME SOME DAY!”

“Romney couldn’t make it,
Paul Ryan is no more,
And we have got that idiot ,
For years that add to four,
Our military, disillusioned,
And China at the door,
We shall be overcome some day.
We shall be overcome,
We shall be overcome,
We shall be overcome some day,
More trillions and trillions,
of national debt,
And bread prices soaring,
Which the rich don’t regret,
We shall be overcome some day.”

Please send Prozac, or mint julip to the Senator via this site, as he seems to be a little sad. And keep sharp objects away from him. :sick:


Senator… put on your fillibuster hat for the next four years. “We shall not be moved” !!