The Election Next Year -- How to Help Our Side Win

A significant percentage of Americans – nearly half – don’t bother to vote in typical elections. This percentage is even greater among young people.

The Left will be going all-out next year to get people registered to vote, and then to make sure that they vote.

We must do the same.

I propose to start a thread – this one! – on how to find people who are not registered to vote, who are likely to vote against the Leftist destruction of America, and get them to register.

And in the same thread, how to make sure that everyone votes on election day.

I have some ideas, but I will hold them back for a bit, and encourage others to submit suggestions.

Here are two useful websites for people who want to know how to register to vote in their state:

You know what? I don’t think I know anyone like that!

Okay, I can believe that.

So … time to meet some people like that. I don’t know your circumstances, but I’ll bet that there are collections of people who have the right instincts, who are patriots, even if low-key ones, and who include people who are not currently registered to vote. Remember, about 40% of the country doesn’t vote.

Local churches would be a good place to start. Perhaps you could write to all of them within a half-hour’s drive, and offer to come and speak to them about the upcoming elections and why it’s important to vote. They may have clubs for which such a talk would be appropriate.

Here’s another idea: go on YouTube. In the searchbar, type in ‘political correctness’ or ‘Ben Shapiro’ or ‘red pill’ or ‘Social Justice Warrior’ or a similar term, and then in the Comments section, post a small piece about the importance of voting to keep out the PC Left. You can include the links I’ve put in above. I do this myself every so often, knowing that a lot of young people hate Political Correctness and SJWs, but are not registered to vote.

A couple of problems with this for Mom (Susanna) and I are that we’re not in any kind of physical shape for much activity, and our dial-up is in no kind of shape for YouTube…

I know what you mean … at least about the first part!
This fellow might be useful:

Keep talking, correct your apolitical friends who watch cnn or left wing night talk shows like kimmel and that other guy that looks like kimmel.

Then get out to vote… remember what these tyrants are doing to our fellow americans…people being arrested for not wearing masks…mothers with children. People on vacation, etc etc etc. Way to go blue state tyrants. Show America what you are.

You don’t actually have to watch the video! In fact, I often don’t. Try it and see – if it overloads your system even after you stop the video, well … so be it. But you may find that it doesn’t.

I have no idea whether seeing a 'REGISTER TO VOTE, for God’s sake!" post will make any difference with anyone But seeing the same message, over and over, by different people, just might. And once someone has registered, and voted once, it becomes much more likely that they’ll vote again.

So I think it’s worth trying. If you’re stuck at home, there are other things on the web that you can do to advance the patriotic cause. I can list them, if you’re interested.