The Elephant in the room that everyone's ignoring


Obama gets to appoint the next two Supreme Court Justices and Valerie Jarratt said they’ve already chosen who they’ll be.
This is the very worst that could happen.

The Democrats fillibustered the first Bush appointee for over a year until the appointee withdrew his name.
let’s see if the Republicans have any guts left. I personally doubt it.


Elections have consequences. We will be seeing the consequences of this election for many decades to come.


There was zero chance of getting a Strict Constructionist appointee to any level of the Federal Bench regardless of who won the White House, both Candidates had a well established history of only appointing Left Wing “Living Document” Traitors to the Judicial bench.


It’s long past time for Congress to clamp down on the SCOTUS and for the states to nullify illegal laws.


When was the last time the states nullified such laws?




Heh. I think he meant successfully!