The end of a long, ugly road for the Southern Strategy


The end of a long, ugly road for the GOP’s Southern strategy

Ann Romney said one thing during her husband’s presidential run that no one can dispute: “This is hard,” she said of the slog. (Actually being president is hard, too, as George W. Bush once noted 11 times in a single debate.)
Here’s one campaign call, though, that should never have been a head-scratcher: Running on white resentment is not a winning strategy, and the next Republican who tries it will lose, too.

Lyndon Johnsonknew when he pushed through civil rights legislation that the Jim Crow South he’d grown up in would reject the Democratic Party for decades to come as a result. But somewhere, L.B.J. is smiling today, because the G.O.P.’s Southern strategy to capitalize on racial animus has now worked so completely that it’s turned back to bite Republicans, with Romney overwhelmingly losingthe growing share of America’s minority voters. President Obama captured 93 percent of the African-American vote and 71 percent of the Latino vote.

Turns out, not even competing for their support was a mistake. And here’s how to blow more than a billion dollars and wind up right back where you started: Carefully alienate Latinos with talk of “self-deportation”and promises to veto the DREAM act. Vow that, if elected, you will cancela widely celebrated reprieve from deportation for some young immigrants. Oh – and this is important — call those in this country without papers “illegals” every chance you get. Then, just sit back and hope no one who finds that insulting turns out to vote.

The GOP needs desperately to change its image or it won’t ever win the presidency again.


Not sure what you are saying the SS is for the GOP. Minority voting for the Dims has HISTORICALLY been 70-90+ %. There is NOTHING the GOP can do or say to change that and the GOP can not out liberal the liberals.

The Dims have been cultivating the minorities since WWII. I was writing papers on this in college in the 60’s, we saw it coming then. Reagan gave amnesty to 12 million and did not gain a SINGLE VOTE.

Nor can the GOP pass more laws giving ALL minorities in the US special privileges and federal staus, that puts them at the head of every line, from jobs to loans. During the reign of Dimmy Karter The SBA was offering minority loans of as low as 2% when the going rate for business loans for whites was 21%. I was a consultant for the SBA and saw this in black and white.

The housing bubble was built around giving minorities 100% approval, food stamps and welfare counted as a job and income, zero down and the cost of the house made no difference.

Obama just spent $6 Trillion on them

No, the GOP can not out do the LibTards in give away programs…


It isn’t true at all that we can’t change it.

It doesn’t have to do with amnesty, it has to do with outreach to them and running candidates in their districts. Look at what Stephen Harper has done: they came to power with the goal of running a candidate in every single district and spreading their message. Now, there are many immigrant and minority conservative MPs and if anything, their party has moved to the right, as far as Canadians go.

The trick besides running relate-able candidates and contesting every district was to move to the center on heavily divisive issues like abortion and gay marriage; these issues do nothing but distract the real problems in the country and create one issue voters.

There is no way that you could argue that we run candidates in every district. There are young, black, intelligent conservatives ready to run in every district and we need to run them and give them whatever resources they need to get attention and votes.

I promise we won’t win all of the races, but I do promise that we will win some, and some is all we need to turn the tide since the democrats depend 100% on racism and fear.

Also, we need black and hispanic representatives to go into the ghetto and explain how we will make it so they don’t have to live in fear anymore, we will bring back business and create jobs. They are afraid of us taking their welfare when that is all they have but we can setup plans to fix their communities without removing welfare right away.

As the neighborhoods become safer and better maintained, people from the suburbs will begin to do business there, and the new money will make minority voters like the rest of the country and much more likely to vote republican.


I don’t agree with you on this part of what needs to change Elph.
Contrary to the “conservative, religious, Hispanic” meme that is said to make them natural Republicans if we only would stop picking on them…I see no evidence that NOW our Hispanic population is NATURALLY more liberal. The Dems will ALWAYS be able to out bid us for their loyalty AND any path that grants amnesty or citizenship to illegals and their kids…just puts more liberals in the voting booth down the road.

That’s my opposition on a practical political basis. On a philosophical Conservative basis…rewarding illegal behavior and punishing those who stand in line is contrary to the rule of law…an essential element of conservativism.

Now that does mean we ain’t gonna get their votes at rates much over 30% in the future. Guess we’re gonna have to rely on their realization along with the rest of the libs that the coming collapse might have something to do with the Santa Claus state.


The Democrats purchase the Welfare Vote with taxpayer money, they “Win” nothing.

“Image” is not the problem, a lack of ability or desire to communicate a Conservative message and a lack of will to dismantle the Welfare State when the GOP has power is the problem.

All the exit polls make it clear that government largess is why these groups vote for democrat’s, they want free stuff and the democrat’s give it to them.