The end of "The Dynamic Duo"


Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, The Dynamic Duo of the eightes are now both gone. The World has lost the two greatest leaders of the 20th century. Sad for us.


Yep. They were two directly responsible for ending the cold war.


Lady Thatcher was one of the most incredible people to grace this earth whose accomplishments benefited so many.
A greater ally we have never had.

R.I.P, ‘Iron Lady.’


Lest anyone be tempted, keep it classy folks. (Expressing disagreement with her policies can be done classy)


She brought England from a collapsed economy and National dispair to a booming economy and National pride.
How can that be criticized with class?




This is how far England has sunk since Margaret Thatcher left office. The U.S. led by Progressive socialists is not far behind.

‘Burn in Hellfires’: British Member of Parliament & Others Launch Obscene Attacks on Thatcher After Her Passing | Video |

And…I guess I was wrong about people not being able to criticize her without class. this is beyond disgusting! I am ashamed of my few English ancestors.


RIP Iron Lady.

She and Reagan were a united Conservative front.


And I thought this thread was about Frankie Avalon and Annette Funnicello! :smiley:

Rest in Peace fine ladies!


Yes, I liked Annette too. i don’t remember any scandals involving her, a nice young lady.


I always admired Maggie. I thought she was one of the few women leaders who was a true leader. Half of my DNA is English and I am very disappointed in the reactions of some Brits to her death. But the Brits are like we are here–they are divided between socialist and conservative views. The Labor Party in England is pretty much the same as the democratics here–perhaps a little more socialist than here.


I think that we should stop mincing words. They are not socialists. They are communists.


You are correct, although there are some who think there is a difference between socialism and hard, cold communism. I see socialism as the Intro to Communism 101.


Socialism is like a gateway drug to communism. IMHO

When socialism fails, the hardcore Left will double down to communism.


Absolutely. Anyone who thinks that socialism and democracy can live together obviously has never seen oil and water mix! :slight_smile:


Glenn Beck made a good point this morning. it’s really not even about sharing the wealth, it’s about control of the people, or to put it candidly, it’s about enslaving he people.
I’m old enough to remember Castro saying he was not going to shave his beard until Cuba had free elections, and that he was going to wear his military uniform until free elections. I remember the media taking those statements as promises that there would be free and fair elections in Cuba, when what he was actually saying was that there would never be free and fair elections in Cuba, or that hee was going to have a beard and wear military uniforms until his death. See, he didn’t lie, he kept his promises not to shave and to wear military uniforms in public.
So, he never shaved his beard and wore military uniforms until his death and there have never been free and fair elections in Cuba since he took over.


Castro is still alive bro




I thought this was going to be about Batman and Robin…


Despicable Obama sent official U.S. delegation to Communist Tyrant Dictator Hugo Chavez funeral but shuns Margaret Thatcher.

Obama Won’t Send Official U.S. Envoy to Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral (But Did to Tyrant Hugo Chavez’s) | The Tea Party News Network |