The english aren,t coming! The englosh aren,t coming!


Under the heading “Now what???” it appears that the TRANSGENDER QUESTION OF POTTY RIGHTS has caused a WARNING to be issued to traveling English :Some American states have LOO RESTRICTIONS! Forsooth and odds bodkins!!! It appears that the twits have warned against the sending of the GENDER CHALLENGED to these blessed shores!
Following this train of reasoning, and you gotta help me with this one, I think it means that :
“BOY GEARGE” is warned to stay out of Mississippi!
ELTON JOHN should consider PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM instead of Mount Pleasant,NC.
And too many other British Celebrities of UNDETERMINED ORGANS to mention, should all should BEWARE! :ninja:
How can my state get in on this ???

Pip Pip and Toodle-oo to our Transgender Brits! We suggest visiting,say, the southern side of Chicago instead! I don’t think you’ll have long enough time to be concerned about where to tinkle, but …


The Senator
And so much for Foreign Affairs!


Whatever would we do without Obama to warn the British that our restroom signs mean what they say…


You guys sure are fascinated with gay stuff. It just literally never stops.


You calling trans gay? Please respect their chosen gender CWolf.


Fascinated? No; it’s just always in our face, courtesy of the left. THAT is what never stops.


In rebuttal to my Learned Colleague: I fear that there is very little said anywhere to rebuff deviancy…the good old REPUBLICAN OPERATIVE FORUM is a good platform,as long as done sensibly and in good taste. Pardon ,brother C-WP:F ,if I tend to filibuster and foment against wrong.



Do not try to deliberately confuse RE-ACTION with ACTION.

The Gay Mafia has done ACTION here - social vandalism; creating chaos at the toilets. Aided and abetted by timid lawmakers so afraid of being called names by deviants.

THIS…is RE-action. Those of us who have faced real guns are not afraid of bad names by bad people. Those of us who don’t stand for re-election or, maybe, do but know there’s worse things than political losses…we WILL resist this, and push back.

Because the alternative is far worse. This is madness.


Precisely! And this is true - that what social “moderates” like to call a fixation (or similar tendentious terms) is response in defense against aggression - all the way back into the 1970s.


The stupidest part about the fight, is that it’s one you’re sure to lose.
Why exactly do conservatives constantly rally to a losing cause, and ignore the fights they can win? Even when they don’t pick the fight(which is most of the time) it’s extremely easy to bait them into a losing fight.

It’s like conservatives can’t even think “How will this fight end? Probably not in my favor? Oh, then let’s do something else.” No, of course not. Let’s not plan anything. Just go head first into a losing fight and then get all melancholy about the world falling apart, because you do nothing but lose. My suggestion would be to pick fights you can win and go rally to that.


What, we can’t resist one-tenth of one-percent who are COMPLETELY deranged as regards their sexual identity?

And we need to create chaos and endanger young women and children in public facilities?

Who SAYS we are guaranteed to lose?

And what OF it? You fight for principles. ESPECIALLY when the warring is with words, there is no downside to standing for that is right, moral normal and sane.

Cautioning the rational not to resist madness…is itself, insane.


I see you do not believe in fighting for what you think is right @CWolf. Though I will submit just because your chosen beliefs say its wrongs does not mean it can be applied to law.


Priorities. You have only so much time.

And you’re correct that I don’t bother fighting for a losing cause. And I’m certainly not going to sideline winning priorities for a sure loser.

This is really the major difference between modern conservatives and conservatives in previous generations. Conservatives used to be wise, and choose a handful of important issues where they knew they could win. Modern conservatives can’t distinguish between things that impact their lives and things that don’t. Nor can they identify areas where they can win, versus areas they’ll lose.

This is exactly why Cruz is losing. And why I suppose, conservatives are just certain to lose perpetually, from now on. Bad priorities and easy to manipulate. But most importantly, a total lack of realization that this is going on. You can’t fix the problem that you refuse to see.

I’ll also point out yet another problem with this position of yours. Since most trans guys are gay, they’re actually more likely to rape young boys than young girls. So even if we operate under your Hordes of Rapist Trannies Theory™ (which is an imaginary problem), this is actually the worst solution.


And I’ll point out how you’re denying the OBVIOUS, for POLITICAL EXPEDIENCIES.

And for the promotion of chaos - and your desire for our acquiescence.

Nobody said here that these deviants, the one-half-a-percent, are rapists.

But…you ready for this?..there ARE rapists and pedophiles out there.

You open up the women’s johns to those who “feel female…today”…I can guarantee you, a whole lot of pedophiles and other rapists are suddenly gonna “get the feeling.”

How committed to your Cloward-Piven plan of chaos do you have to be, to stand here with a straight face and deny this?


As I have pointed out and JPT just did, the big problem is with a bunch of guys who identify as guys who will SAY they identify as girls in order to get legally-sanctioned access to the girls’ restroom. I believe you are being deliberately obtuse.


I do not disagree with you [MENTION=366]CWolf[/MENTION]. I do not believe in fighting a losing battle, at least not bitterly to the end. I will always fight for what I believe is right but like you mentioned, priorities. I will focus more on what I can win while maintaining my stance on those battle that re unwinnable. Just because you cannot win fight does not mean you rollover and let them beat the hell out of you.


^ That’s fine [MENTION=8304]Seravee[/MENTION]. I have all sorts of things I technically think, but don’t really care about. Sort of like this Trannies in the Toilet™ thing. Ultimately, we could ban crossdressing in public and I really wouldn’t care. It would impact some tiny portion of the population. It doesn’t impact my life at all. Thus, it’s quite low on my list of priorities.

I’d gladly exchange a mass execution of gays, a ban on all pornography, mandating all children recite the new pledge with “Under Jesus Christ our personal Lord and Savior”, skip teaching the fact of biological evolution and replace it entirely with Ken Hovind’s musings on a 6 day creation 6,000 years ago; in exchange for building a wall with Mexico, and deporting the illegals. Or for universal healthcare.

So I’d gladly trade 4 things that are WAY past what conservatives even want(that I don’t especially care about), just for 1 thing that I do care about. If we stepped it down to the things conservatives are asking for(banning gay marriage, being allowed to discriminate in hiring practices and housing, “teach the controversy” on Creationism, etc) I’d probably be up for a 20-1 trade or more.

Winning and losing also has scales. I’m not even interested in winning most of the time in an absolute sense. I just want to win on the things that matter to me. That’s where I invest my energy and effort. I care strongly about 5-6 topics. The rest are just background noise.

No, you’re right [MENTION=321]Fantasy Chaser[/MENTION]. Guys going into a bathroom to rape little girls will only do it if they’re legally allowed in the bathroom as a pretend woman. They’re very concerned about bathroom laws. Rape laws, not so much.

You may understand why I find your imaginary rapist to be quite absurd.


The conscientious rapist!


Conservatives and others would not react to such craziness if it weren’t shoved in our faces all the time–and trying to advocate for government laws for such deviancy had these deviant behaviors not been shoved in our faces every day. If gays kept their sexual proclivities to themselves instead of making them public and demanding that those activities be accepted or else, we wouldn’t be discussing this stuff all the time. It is mind boggling to think about the absurdities that are being presented as normal. And, that these deviant absurdities be considered normal OR ELSE even into elementary schools is corrupting the whole concept of morality. Have you ever seen this woman who has had so many plastic surgeries because she wants to look like a Barbie Doll? She’s hideous now. But, she seems to think she’s gorgeous. God forbid anyone tell her what a freak she’s become. That’s how the gay movement has become.


Reminds me of something one of the ladies at our get-together last week. Seems like her grandson - or some descendant - took their 12-year-old boy to NYC for his birthday. Among other things, they took him to a very fancy restaurant. While they were there a group of men and one woman came it. Their appearance screamed “mafia.” But what I was thinking of was that they said the woman’s face had been “cut” so many times it was a wonder she could open her mouth up wide enough to eat.


You mean Valeria Lukyanova? I’d say she looks better than %99 of the population… She sometimes wears odd eye makeup for photo shoots.

And maybe 1 in 10,000 people have a lot of cosmetic surgery. Consider that over 200,000,000 Americans don’t even remotely care what they look like and are medically overweight(which is a good 20-30 lbs over aesthetic ideal). It’s about %95 of people who aren’t even close to their best weight.
I’d say it’s a much bigger problem when few people publicly speak about how awful all fat people look. Any run of the mill fat person looks worse than almost any bad plastic surgery case I’ve ever seen. Even if you mess your face up, there’s always a paper bag. A fat person can’t even be saved by a burqa.

I don’t know how you can look at this

and this

And determine #1 “looks hideous”.