The error of skeptics


“Hey, at least he’s encouraging Bible reading. Most people don’t know what it’s about. I read the whole [Bible]. It played a big role in making me an atheist. Keep reading, guys.” Elton Foose

Ray Comfort: “Keep telling people to read the Bible. For every one who has your experience there are 10,000 who come to know God through the reading of His amazing Word. Skeptics tend to look at God’s harsh judgments in the Old Testament and stand in moral judgment over these, concluding that He is evil. Or they mock the thought of the opening of the Red Sea, Noah and his ark, etc. They are like a man who throws away the keys to a Lamborghini and complains that the car doesn’t work. Deny the power of God and toss away the key of faith, and of course the Bible won’t make any sense. I have been reading the Scriptures every day without fail for more than 40 years, and have never found one mistake. The only mistakes are the ones made by those who say it has mistakes.”

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You could say the same thing about any ideology, religious, political or otherwise.

Just insert “Communist Manifesto” or “Koran” where it says “Bible” and off you go. There are always people ready to believe anything.

As the saying goes, there’s one born every minute…