The eulogies for this fat tick elijah cummings

are you listening to this BS? LOLOLOLOL

We’re gonna have to listen to the life and accommplishments of this fraud for the next 24 hours at least. It will be a blessing if it only lasts that long.

THe dems made this political again. HIlliary called The president and Mrs. Trump, King Ahab and Jezebel. If anyone is Ahab and Jezebel it is the sick woman and her husband in name only.

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I would prefer to forget Elijah Cummings. No one will be talking about him next week.

As for Hillary, in case you missed it, she has been saying that there are a number of people who are Russian agents. Most of them have had something to do “keeping her out of the White House.” She is just an angry, bitter old woman.

I heard rumblings that the Hildabeest is thinking of running again in 2020. She’s just a glutton for punishment. The Hag just doesn’t get it.

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honestly… I really think this loss for her in 2016 when she was told she had it in the bag was too much for her. I really think she has some mental issues.

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I think she’s had mental problems for years. She’s got a grandiose personality. You can see it in her pictures. She’s always got that chin sticking out and that little evil smirk on her face.

Hillary Clinton will run if she thinks that there any chance that she will get the nomination. There are a fair number of prominent Democrats who are asking her not to run, but if no true frontrunner emerges in the early primaries, she could be right back in it.

Democrats have their reasons for not wanting any of the frontrunners. Bernie Sanders is old and has a heart condition. He is also not a true Democrat. Once the presidential race is over, he has gone back to his “Independent” status. If I were a loyal Democrat that would bother me.

Elizabeth Warren is said to be too far left to win a general election. The Democrats have been burned by Massachusetts ultra liberals in two elections with Dukakis and Kerry. Do they want to try it again? Warren also has issues with telling big time fibs that are easily outed.

Joe Biden is old, and it’s obvious to those who really look at him that he has lost a step or two. He never was a great presidential candidate, and he has not gotten better with age. He hardly got out the box in his two previous runs and is only viable now because he is “a moderate.”

Pete Buttigieg has a lot of money, but his experience is limited to being the mayor of small city. He has not polled well with African-American voters, and that fact that he gay will weigh him down to an extent. As of now, he does not look viable.

The rest are in the single digits in the polls.

Yea, there might be room for Hillary to get in the race. We all know she really wants to get in it.

it would be interesting. and she might actually off herself this time if she doesn’t get it…no wait…she’ll off someone else. LOLOLOL