The ever sharp Homeland Security


Miami-Dade Airport was shut down a while this morning while surprise boxes were found on a flight from Brazil. The Boxes were labeled “Detonators” and it was apparently not known that they were there. OK, these people frisk or take semi-nude pictures of Grandma but don’t know there are explosives on a plane! The boxes were empty by the way. To quote Yachoff Smirnoff, “What a Country”.

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Makes you wonder why “He who is not to be blamed” saw the need to expand the government and create a useless new government department.


Bush can be blamed for a lot of problems, but one of his problems which he created was not security. It was mainly the bureaucrats themselves who are the problem. They are the ones who are stopping common sense from taking over. Bush can be blamed, but it was mainly the bureaucrats fault that national security is so screwed up.


I took a butter knife through airport security twice. They caught me the third time, though, because I had accidentally left a bottle of water in my bag and so they manually checked it. :plain:


Heard on the news the other day that his guy was arrested for conning some people out of $4-$5 Million bucks by pretending to be a producer wanting to make a film about…
…Homeland Security. :howler:


They’re a lot sharper than they’d have you believe. As a hi milage traveling kinda guy, I really enjoy seeing this site afforded to us by the TSA …

It’s posted weekly to remind us that there are folks out there that want to hurt us in the worst possible way. The body scanners that I hear so many speak out against are there not for our TSA’s viewing pleasure, but actually serve a very usefull purpose. But after reading every week what is given to us on that web site, I hope you’ll make the decision for yourself if it’s going overboard. These guys are easy tagets for sure, but conduct themselves in a very professional manner in a VERY thankless job.

I for one, am very gratefull to them


You wouldn’t know it from some of the reports we hear; and they seem to refuse to scan/pat down the most likely suspects, lest they offend them.


The folks on the ground are one thing, the leadership needs to quit being PC and go after the obvious.