The fat lady is getting ready to sing...


Texas is the 2nd crown jewel in the Far Left (KLINTON). Only Ca brings more to the table and Texas is rock solid Conservative. But events are taking place that are going to change that, at least in the Nov outcome but not the state so much.

Dallas Morning News endorses first Democratic presidential candidate in 75 years: ‘Trump’s values are hostile to conservatism’

But wait, there’s more: In a major effort to change the vote outcome here in Texas the DOJ and Obama are eyeball deep in Texas and the formally strong conservative court the 5th Circuit of Appeals has struck a blow to Texas voters.

According to the Feds there are over 600,000 voters in Texas without any ID and to get one would impose upon them to much, so this is not ACCEPTED for of ID:

Voter Registration card

Bank Statement

Utility Bill

Or just signing a piece of paper that you are a citizen (meaning you CLAIM your name is John Smith, you have no proof, but you sign a piece of paper that you are John Smith and a US Citizen…but your real name is Ziggy Belcher and you are an illegal alien from another country and you just voted, but wait, there’s more, the bus outside is taking your to another voting location, there you will sign that you are Joe Doaks and you will vote again and again and again. And, NO ONE can PROVE voter fraud as your identify is what you say it is…you know, kinda like waking up in the morning and thinking you need to identify as a woman!

Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act, Court Rules
The 5th Circuit is considered one of the country’s most conservative appellate courts, with 1o of its 15 members having been appointed by Republican presidents.
The case centered on whether Texas discriminated against Hispanic and African-American voters when it passed the legislation: Senate Bill 14.
Paxton, Gov. Greg Abbott and other proponents argued that the law was needed to bolster security at the ballot box by preventing voter fraud, but opponents cite the paucity of proven in-person voter fraud in the state and argue the intent was to undercut the electoral strength of the state’s growing minority population — people less likely to have photo identification or the means to obtain an election certificate.
Experts have testified that more than 600,000 Texans lack such identification, though not all of them have necessarily tried to vote. Those citizens can obtain “election identification certificates” free of charge, but only if they are able to produce a copy of their birth certificate.

Makes you wonder how a setting judge can come to the conclusion that this makes sense…Justice Scalia would NOT, but then he’s DEAD, maybe the judges GOT THE MESSAGE!!!

“The world is fighting Islamic terrorism, starvation, and disease, but the Democrats are fighting for men to pee in the ladies’ room”


I haven’t given up on Texas yet. Parts of it…yes but not all of it.


When anyone can vote and vote as often as they want, we can no longer win…

The WH/DoJ are focused on Tex and its 39 Electoral votes, get those and Trump cannot win. Texas will stay conversative, but if the ballot boxed is being stuffed like they are setting it up and there is NO PROOF that you are or are not who you say…


Voter fraud is the way the fascist Democrat Party is going to steal the election and end democracy in the U.S. It’s sad state of affairs that the court system in this country is becoming totally corrupt. If the fascists get control of courts and presidency, there is nothing anyone can do short of starting a revolution. The Congress is useless because all it takes is 41 votes in the Senate to stop any bill dead in its tracks.

When I was in undergraduate school over 40 years, even the liberals believed in Democracy. Now I don’t think that’s the case. They’ve brain washed the kids into advocating the idea that those who don’t knuckle under the liberal dogma must be crushed. Debate is no longer an option. The court system has long been the avenue to force unpopular liberal agenda items into law. Now it’s used as a way to promote voter fraud and put an end to our 240 tradition of freedom.

I’d love to know who the pigs are on that Dallas, Texas newspaper who pull of this coup. They deserve to be exposed for what they are.


There are a couple of zones in Houston that are strongly Democrat, as evidenced by Sheila Jackson’s antics, and of course Austin is Moscow on the Colorado. So the Dallas Morning News joined the Houston Chronicle in the liberal persuasion. I think Trump will carry Texas by something like 80%/20%. Voter turnout is expected to be real strong. The thought of getting more of the same BS from Clinton will bring folks out in multitudes.


I think Trump will carry Texas by something like 80%/20%
I HOPE that you are right!


So the nation is done.

Let it be so. Let the debt; and the racialism; and the anti-industrial bureaucracy, and all the redistribution and enforced speech and behavior codes, this worship of sodomites and other deranged deviants…let it all be washed away.


The Constitution remains; and the principles it was based on, work when they’re followed. Let a New Union come to be, WITHOUT the liberal sumps of BosWash and Calimexico. Let those who still value freedom, embrace it - and leave the corrupt, untenable union and its unrepayable debt.