The father of our country hidden by a 'box' by the NAACP



How could they think this would not be an issue?

Boxing George - Atlas Shrugs


This does not surprise me after enduring the “History Revisionist” debates I have been in the last couple days.

Sometimes I wonder if there is any hope of an appreciable number of citizens ever comprehending again the importance of men like Washington and why what they accomplished was so worthy of admiration and respect.

The fact that nobody raised Hell over this spitting on a great man who placed everything on the line for those who would come after him makes me think these people deserve to live under the horror of Sharia Law for awhile.

I despise what the NAACP has become.


Race relations under Obama have improved/sarcasm


Of course the NAACP has refused to comment. It’ll go away, just like always. Nothing to see here, move on.
These people disgust me.


The NAACP goal has never been equality for blacks.


It was always about political power for favored parties. They just want blacks to vote Democrat and just that.


They are crazy, and if anyone speaks out against their racism and power seeking they are labeled as racists.


Yeah, but only idiot Liberals recognize the “Labeling” these days.

Everyone else has figured out the tactic and now knows that all the institutionalized Racism in America is in the Demoncrat Party.

Welcome to RO by the way!


Thanks, this looked like an excellent forum and a place where I won’t be attacked by liberals too much lol.


Oh there are Lib’s about, but for the most part they are polite or they don’t last long.




The NAACP has been an annoying pest to Charlotte, and North Carolina in the past year.

Charlotte’s been called racist at least 10 times for stupid reasons. The NAACP President was ARRESTED in CHARLOTTE for being a idiot.

Then, the NAACP called the city of Raleigh racist for announcing it’s new school plan, which isn’t racist.

Then Charlotte got called racist for having school on MLK day.

Thennnn He got mad at a mall in some city for not holding their event.

The list goes on.

The NAACP is reverse racist, and pretty damn stupid.


Or maybe they could go live in one of the Socialist Utopia’s that they continue to cite as examples of “better ideas” in how a Country should be established and governed.



Yeah, I’m sure lots of people would be willing to chip in for some one-way tickets. Remember that one guy - Medgar Evers or something like that? He was arrested for (I can’t remember what) and fled to one of those great all-black countries, and returned to face the music - concluding that living in prison in the US wasn’t as bad a living in the country he had fled to.



The NAACP is reverse racist, and pretty damn stupid.

Pretty well it in a nutshell!
And would someone mind explaining to me why a statue of President George Washington would be offensive to anyone?


Then Charlotte got called racist for having school on MLK day.

Schools shouldn’t have holidays, in the real world, the only holidays are Christmas and Thanksgiving and only if you have certain jobs.

You are lucky if you get paid for any of these holidays and many would rather work because they need the paycheck but can’t because work is closed.


The thing with groups like the NAACP and other fringe dolts, is that the climate is right, the general community is tacitly standing around not venturing opinions and this has emboldened these groups. Political correctness has rendered this general community impotent.
So while the getting is good get it, and this is what the NAACP is doing.
In my opinion, Obama, through his overall policies has done more to set back race relations, than all the back country red necks could possibly do in a life time.


Is there a statue of MLK in Charlotte? The devil in me would want to hold a speech about our Founding Fathers next to it boxed up just to watch the sparks fly. Put all in the crowd in T-shirts with a photo of George in that box on them.