The Ferguson effect: Savagely beaten cop didn’t draw gun for fear of media uproar, Ch


The Ferguson effect: Savagely beaten cop didn’t draw gun for fear of media uproar, Chicago police chief says | National Post

A man on PCP allegedly struck a 43-year-old officer in the face, then repeatedly smashed her head against the pavement until she passed out


Worse, just had a deputy sheriff murdered on a phony call he went to here in Texas.


A vote for Trump is 80-90% that this idiocy will be stopped.
A vote for the Hildebeast is 98-100% this idiocy will be celebrated.
If you are a conservative voter who chooses not to vote or go 3rd party, well that is one less vote to stop this idiocy.
There will be no chances after this IF it goes the wrong way; 4 more years will destroy this nation, if it’s not too late already! :sad:


Here’s the way I look at it. Name any segment of society that has a 1,000 or more people in it. In that segment there are going to be some great people, good people & yes bad people. And that applies to ANY segment of society. Well police come from society & there’s a lot more than 1,000 of them so there are going to be bad apples. Now just for example purposes let’s say that 5% of them are bad (& no, I don’t think that it’s anywhere near that percent). Now ask yourself in the day to day business that police have to do what percentage of bad people do they come into contact with? I won’t even guess that number but I bet that it’s triple the percentage of bad police officers. What’s more even if the people are in general good, often police see them at their worst. A couple fighting, a little alcohol & noise & the police respond to what is basically an explosive situation. Police hate responding to family drama because it’s always an explosive situation & they never know what will happen. And here’s the rub, they have to respond to those situations ALL THE TIME. And that’s miner compared to dealing with pimps, hookers, robbers & all of the other low life people they have to deal with. The military knows that in a war zone they could be taken out at any time. Well a policemen knows that the whole time that they are policemen, 24/7 when they are on duty. So I can certainly see why in a lot of situations they might over respond to something. Something as simple as reaching for a wallet fast, could that be a gun in his belt he’s reaching for? So given all of that there are going to be incidence that come up, to me that’s a given.
The media is playing the public like a fiddle. The agenda they push is constantly police abuse (& our president is the same). Time after time they have shoved down our throats that police both abuse the power they have & that they hate black people. Something happens & it’s clear abuse of power, except time after time the police have been found not guilty after the fact. Think about it for a second. What if your local paper printed your name today & accused you of improper conduct with a child how would the people you know & interact with react? The fact is that you could never convince everyone of your innocence even though you did nothing. Well the police are in that same situation.
Because of the PC carp they are not allowed to say “Hey that SOB brought it on himself”. They can’t even really point out the obvious, the guy was a local thug & it sounded like exactly what he had done in the past. Oh no, that’s profiling. Just like profiling is pointing out that 51% of violent crime is done by black males & he was a black male leaving the area of a violent crime. The PC carp is crippling the police from doing their jobs & that’s going to hurt each & every one of us EXCEPT the criminals. Just my thoughts.
I’ll say this. Texas police do not take a lot of bull from people, I think that’s a pretty well known fact (at least where I’m at). If I were to haul off & hit a policemen I would pretty much expect to get the you know what kicked out of me, either while being arrested, on the way to jail, or in jail. Having said that I can say that I’ve never had a negative experience in dealing with policemen here & that’s because I respect the person behind the badge & I respect the badge itself. Want to give me a ticket, sure I’m guilty. Want to check an ID to see who I am, sure no problem. The media has erased or eroded the level of respect that the police have in this country & I certainly place at least a couple of deaths on their doorstep because of it. Just what I think.


Hillary has already aligned herself with Black Lives Matter so it goes without saying that things will get much worse under her reign. BLM supports killing cops, and when Hillary’s Justice Department gets done cutting the legs out from under the police with selective enforcement of the law, it will be over. Freedomnut has it is exactly right. If you throw away your vote away for a third party or stay home, there might not be a next time to fix things. When the “progressives” control the presidency, the courts and the Federal bureaucracy, it will be over.


Nothing like that “goes without saying.” She probably doesn’t want to become a one-term President the way DeBlasio is likely to serve only one term as NYC mayor.


26 Jan 1967, 0400 hrs, Ft Polk La, Cold, raining.

We stood there, brand spanking new morning after we got worn into the US Army.

We meet or Di in the light of that electric street light sunrise. They talked and talked about many things, but one I remember to this very day:

*Gentlemen to your left is the Company Bulletin Board, very day prior to 1700 hrs we will post the times and places for the next day, we will also post your duty uniform and what is required for you to bring, such as 2 canteens full of water.

10% of you 100% of the time will not read that bulletin board, 10% of you show up at the wrong time, wrong uniform and I promise you I will make you wish you had read it. FALL OUT.*

That DI was right and there was not a formation that went by that someone did not pay the price. Coming from a father that was career military I made sure I was not in that 10% of human FUBAR. I have carried that message with me all my life and I have applied it in everything I have done, be it my budgets when I was a program manager or bid on a contract or how many people I would lose to another company and how many would want to come back when they found out the grass was not greener…

10% 100% of the time, take that to the bank…