The first big debate tonight


It’s so easy … all you have to do is tell every minority special interest group, except women, because they are a majority, that you are going to to give them everything they want … and if it requires money, you’ll tax “the rich” to get it.

That is Bernie Sander’s platform and has been for years. It’s so easy to be Bernie Sanders and “Pocahontas” and all but one or two of them to run for public office. If I had only knew that when I was a young, dumb liberal, I could have been up there!


The only two bodies wearing an American flag lapel pin were Tulsi Gabbard and …

… wait for it …

the only real card carrying member of the Communist Party in the race …

Bill de Blasio.



Perhaps this the start of Bill’s make-over. His new image … patriotic American communist!

As for the lapel flags, what would you expect? All of these folks are citizens of the world. There are no borders. There are no property rights. Each person receives goods and assets commensurate with their needs whether they have worked for them or not … unless, of course, you are a government leader or insider. Then you live in the lap of luxury.

Just look at Bernie Sanders. He is a millionaire who owns three houses, including lake front property. He is a comrade who gets to be “more equal” than other comrades.


I didn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t watch the Dems’ debate, but I rather suspect it resembled an episode of the old '80s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in which Skeletor had replicated himself in large numbers (albeit a miniature form) for taking over Eternia, and they ended up fighting over who should be the big cheese: "I should be in charge! I’m the most evil!"…


Didn’t watch, I can’t stand listening to any of them.


I never thought I would this, but after listening to the “highlights,” it seems that the Obama presidency was to the far right of his party. The mainstream Democrats are now full blown socialists who think The United States should have an open border and owes the world a living.


Mainstream democrats are intimidated by the radical left. Many are paying lip service to absurd policies to avoid vicious personal and physical assault. The radical left also has a disproportionate turnout in primaries.

Just ask your self: How many Republicans campaign on “secure the border” and “repeal Obamacare” until they get elected.


Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are true believers. I think that what they say is what they believe. In the end I think Warren with get the nomination because the Democrats want to elect a woman president, and she’'s from Harvard, which means she is a “true intellectual.” Yea right.

Biden will self-destruct. He has terminal hoof and mouth disease, and he’s got a record the left can attack from all angles.


it was your duty to watch it…NOT that you are going to vote for any of these losers but you needed to see it for the realization of what these people are and where they want to take this nation.

There was a lot of big talk about what they were going to do but no clue as to how they were going to manage it. Like most politicians, except the current one, these people always make big promises and then forget them when they get into office. Remember all the people that thought Obama was going to pay off their cars and give them free stuff…>FREE STUFF!! LOLOL

did anyone distinguish themselves in the first debate…shoot…I can barely remember who was in the first debate…well…not really but I have to think about it for a minute.

JOE was the one to destroy and he was woefully unprepared…and kamala has not been called out on her big fib. and she won’t be because she is democrat, black, female. Now before you feel sorry for joe, think back on the number of times that he’s played the race card with black audiences to condemn the republicans…they gone put you in chains, remember? karma by karmala.

Swalwell hit him with, pass the torch…and joe gave us that same big smile he used on Ryan which seems to say, i’m older and wiser than you and you don’t know what you’re talking about. Didn’t work with swalwell as far as the perception was concerned. Joe later says, ‘im not giving up the torch’. Of course he isn’t…they’ll have to pry it from his cold dead hands. and they’ll gladly do that. Swalwell is so disturbing to look at…it’s his mouth. He reminds me of the Bob Wolverton character in Freeway played by keifer Sutherland. Look it up and see if you don’t agree with me.


It can’t be my duty to do what I don’t have the means to do, and I already know the essentials of their nefariousness.

I’m reminded of the meme from the 2016 election:

RABBLE ROUSER: What do we want?!
CROWD: Free stuff!
RR: Who can get it for us?!
CROWD: Bernie Sanders!
RR: What don’t we understand?!


I wasn’t trying to make anyone angry. If you can’t watch it you can’t. Those of us that can, should, just so we don’t let the media on either side tell us what to think.


It didn’t make me angry; it just seemed to me (accurately or not) a little presumptive. I agree that we shouldn’t let the media tell us what to think; I don’t think there’s a lot of danger of that with most of our active RO members.


I didn’t need to watch it to know what they were going to say, in general.
Nothing that has come out of the debate surprised me in the least bit.


I was not surprised by what they had to say either. The real shocker would have been if any of them had anything to say that would have boosted the general welfare of our nation.

All that interests them are attracting more illegal immigrants so that they will vote Democrat, carving out special treatment for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals, giving out everything for free to all the pressure groups that support them, and raising taxes on everyone who is successful because it’s not fair for some people have higher incomes. It’s same playbook since Walter Mondale ran in 1984. Back then there were enough of “the greatest generation” on the voting rolls to send him packing big time. Today is another story.

Now we have a bunch of brain washed and brain dead young people who nothing more than Pavlov dogs. Their teachers train them, and they salivate every time a Democrat politician pushes socialism, taxing the rich and forgiving their student loans. It is very touch and go. This country dodged a big bullet when we rejected Hillary. Despite Trump’s successes, the election is going to very close at best.

My money is on Elizabeth Warren or Pamela Harris for the Democrat presidential nomination. The party wants a woman candidate because it’s “their turn.” Forget about the ability to do the job. It’s gender, race, and wealth and income redistribution that matter to the Democrat base. Since Harris is part Black, she might have the edge.


Warren has been compromised. She’s got some “new ideas” now that are clear markers of controlled opposition. Like not cutting military spending, and instead focusing the military on green energy?

That has “GE promotes ‘go green’” written all over it. She’s also waffling on stuff like eliminating the private insurance market, and raising the retirement age - again.

No, the only true Leftist in this race is Bernie. Oodles of Neoliberals. Plus whatever you want to call Gabbard, Yang, and Orb Mommy.

It’s the same deal on war. Liz Warren has made it abundantly clear she’s itching for a war. Much like almost every other Democrat running(including Yang). Peace candidates appear to be Gabbard, Sanders, and Williamson. And that’s it.

It’s weird seeing 17/20 candidates run to Trump’s Right on trade, and war. And the one weak area they could attack him on(healthcare) was badly compromised by insisting they were gong to turn it into a global welfare program with open access to every single person on Earth.