The “First Family” featured on the front cover of Time Magazine


Has anyone seen the front cover of Time Magazine this week? It features a photo of Democrat presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, and his male husband or wife, I’m not sure which.

Let me be very clear on one issue. I have no problem with gay people. I know from considerable experience that it is a genetic trait, not a choice. My brother-in-law’s wife’s bothers are both gay, and her twin sons are gay. One of her brothers is a staunch Republican and is as reliable a conservative as you would ever want to meet. I have known many fine gay people who are top notch individuals.

Our current ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenel,l is gay. I have heard him on Fox News many times. I would vote for him to go the House or Senate in a heartbeat. He is bright, articulate and spot on with all the issues.

So why does this Time Magazine cover get under my skin? If the cutting edge of your presidential campaign is that you are gay, and if all can you do is stuff that down our collective throats, you can go pound salt. People like that have don’t have any place in high public office. All they are going to do, once elected, will be to advocate for their special interest group. Everybody else will be pushed to the side.

My late mother got roped into to a long term subscription to Time. In her diminished state, she kept renewing his subscription until it go up to almost 10 years. I get the thing every week, and it gives me a good exposure to the left wing media. Time, Mother Jones and Rolling Stone – they are all the same. You can’t trust anything they print unless you can verify it elsewhere.


I guess that Time hasn’t heard that Mayor Pete is currently descending into the dust bin of history. As far as I know, the major fashion magazines have never had Melania on the cover. She is the most fashionable first lady since Jackie Kennedy.


But Melania’s husband does not belong to “the right political party.” If a magazine did cover Melania in a positive way, they would be black balled to oblivion. The way the news organizations are going, soon you will be unacceptable if you are straight, White and male no matter what your political party is.

As for the “dust bin of history,” I hope he goes there. Aside from his status as a gay married man, he’s no different from any other Socialist Democrat. They all advocate open borders, higher taxes, more regulation, quotas for hiring and promotion, and environmental straight jackets for the economy. If they openly advocate socialism, that is a huge plus. To me, their positions all look the same. Nothing makes any of them stand out in any way.


I don’t at all agree. Scriptural listing as a sin aside, there is no credible science to support that it is in any way genetic.


Agreed, FC. Just because there are multiple instances of “gayness” in a single family doesn’t mean that “genetics” has anything whatsoever to do with the condition. It merely means that the environment in such a family is conducive to declaring that one is “gay.”



  1. Prisons “prove” that homosexuality and violent criminal behavior are correlated, at least statistically.

  2. Pedophilia victims are more likely to be homosexual as adults.

  3. All sorts of genetic mutations can and do appear, this might account for a few cases per million population.

  4. 20th century psychiatrists removed homosexuality as a mental disorder due to political pressure.

Also, remember, figures lie and liars figure.