The Food Pyramid is upside down

Well, I am convinced, the Food Pyramid, is wrong.

As Most of you know, I am a large man. When I was younger, I was 6’2" and weighed 270-280. At that weight, I wore a 38 inch waist. I had a 20 inch neck, 54 inch chest, and bench pressed 400 lbs. I always tried to eat healthy.
I wear a size 15EEEE shoe. I cannot find a watch, that fits my wrist. I have to buy a band, that costs more than the watch. Isotoner does not make a glove that fits my hand.
As you age, Arthritis sets in, and all that muscle you tried so hard to build, goes South. A series of accidents/injuries and I find myself in the 350-360 range. Blood Pressure becomes an issue, and you ask the Doctor for help. He stresses low fat, high carb low sugar, salt, etc. You lose a bit, then put it back on, and grow; lose a bit, put it back on, and grow. Rinse and Repeat.
I was taking high doses of Lisonopril and a diuretic while trying diet after diet, to no avail.
A few weeks ago, My home burned down. The added physical and emotional trauma, was intense. Thank all of you for your prayers.
They helped.
Yet, one morning I woke and had the most incredible headache. I took my blood pressure, and even with the meds, I was 210/140. Off to the Hopsital.
A nurse at the hospital, who had struggled to get her weight under control, confided in me that I should try the Atkins Diet, again. I was on it before my BP was an issue. She said it helped her lose 90 pounds, and after a few days, corrected her BP. Even in light of her success, I ignored her admonition. I just could not see the benefit of Protein/Fat over Sugar/Carbs.
So, I went home, gave up salt, caffeine, and tobacco.(I miss my pipe) Still, 145/95 was the best I could muster, and usually 175/105, was the norm. I went to the Family Doc, and he changed my meds, and advocated that same low fat/carb rich diet. Not much changed.
I came home the other day, and my wife made dinner, consisting of a T bone and some broccoli, with a salad. She informed me that I was now, on the Atkins Diet. For three days, I ate 20 grams of carbs/day and all of that, from leafy green veggies. Believe it or not, I felt better than I had, in a while.
We tested my BP 90 minutes later, and it was 127/83. Just a minute ago(the next day), I was 120/78. I woke this morning, with 140/97, before my meds. You always read higher in the morning.
In a week, I have dropped 7 lbs. I have the energy of a 30 year old, and my arthritis pains are less severe. We had my cholesterol checked. It was 155, total.
This is the exact opposite of the Food Pyramid. Maybe this is what is causing the obesity epidemic. Thoughts?

You are right. A few years ago I read when they were deciding the food pyramid that the government stepped in and reversed what was recommended. Some one offered a little scratch and wala the current food pyramid.

I’m saying this as somebody that was at 190lbs in april to 160lbs right now (going for 145lbs) High blood pressure to as of my last checkup a few days ago, fantastic blood pressure 117/75.

I’ve actually done a bunch of research on this from I think a bazillion something sources (so not going to bother to link them all) but here is my cliff notes version.

Your body needs you to ingest a bit of fat (carbs to an extent) to convert to testosterone. Testosterone is needed to lose fat and gain muscle but more fat loss than muscle gain. To much fat in your body your testosterone then starts to convert to estrogen. The higher fat mass also forces your heart to work harder to pump the same amount of blood. This is amusingly not the same for muscle. It should be noted that muscle burns calories as well, which contributes to fat loss. So the Atkins diet satisfies multiple requirements to lose fat, gain muscle, and lower blood pressure.

The food pyramid with the higher breads emphasis encourages more sugar intake, which goes straight to fat and higher estrogen levels, which sabotages testosterone production. Also stay away from Soy Milk and normal milk. Almond milk is great though. Just make sure you get the unsweetened kind.

Other things you can do to help lower your blood pressure is if you are constantly stressed, is to lower your stress levels. Failing being able to eliminate what is making you stressed all the time, would be dropping your cortisol levels that is raised because your stressed out. Maca root is known to balance this out and drop those cortisol levels to a normal baseline, which helps. I personally use Maca as a supplement to my normal diet, and it has helped me for certain because I work in a high stress environment. Just uh… be aware that if your testosterone levels were low when you started to lose weight and take Maca, uuuuh you might find your libido skyrocket. Warn your wife if you have one. lol