The former secretary of state and men!


I is concerned that ,by all available evidence, the Former SOS hates men. As Mr Trump is accused of hating WOMEN, the shoe is really on the other foot. Review the evidence:

1)The Former SOS had a “gun violence” interview…she was surrounded by WOMEN.
2) Check the photo ops: The “supporting minorities” pictured behind her are mostly women…except Bill and one or two minority guys who we will not question orientation,ethics, or criminal records on. Bill and his sheepish, smug grin also makes me question HIS fidelity and sanity and sexuality.
3) Well, name the masculines that support her: (Ellen Degenerate does not count)…

Nuff said.
The Senator

PS I feel she is infringing on my civil rights and wrongs . I want to be represented.


Yes, she does. But that’s ok in 2016. Men(especially white men) are responsible for everything wrong in the world, and only women can do things right.

Not only are they the only competent ones, no man can even question them. Ted Cruz seems to ascribe to this, as he’s promised he will not attack Hilary Clinton, on the grounds of her being a woman. So it’s not just a Leftist belief anymore. Look at the whole Michelle Fields thing. Even Conservatives have gone all in on this, and decided that women can do anything and any man who questions this, or tries to stop it, is abusing women and misogynistic.


Holy Smokes!!! That means SARAH PALIN, too, doesn’t it?!?!?
Egad! It’s a CONSPIRACY!!!:ninja:

They can’t play loose with MY MORALS!!!


Not to steal my own thread, BUT…
I saw the “Donald Trump” skit that Saturday Night Live did. It was shown on our news. You know, where “Donald” says "When I say “WOMEN” ,you say “SUCK!”. I have NOT watched Saturday Night Live since John Belushi died…I remember why now…
Satire is good and proper ,but defamation and slander, improper language and venomous remarks are something else.
And I haven’t watched NBC News either, since David Brinkley and Chet Huntley. But that is beside the point.:ninja:
Only reassures me that I am backing the right candidate.

The Senator


There have been good, female heads of State. Indira Ghandi and, of course, Margaret Thatcher–the Iron Lady. Hillary, however, wouldn’t make a pimple on either’s butt!


Huntley and Brinkley were already started down the hill, but Walter Cronkite greased it.