The four morons of the Apocalypse


Did anyone catch them on tv just now? Tlaib, Omar O’cortez and Pressley. T***waffles


AND they have refused to condemn the terrorist attack on the ICE center.

The shooter used O’cortez’s words in his manifesto.

WHY are americans voting for America hating pretend politicians. Why are they voting for muslims who are our sworn enemies and have promised to subjugate us and kill us if we do not convert. HOW do americans DO THAT!!

THESE PEOPLE are using our own laws against us in order to destroy us. When do we wake up because at some point…it will be too late.


Why do Americans vote for these people?

Many millennials have had 12 to 16+ years of brain washing in our educational system.

Some people, like my late father, would vote Democrat even if he did not agree with them on any of the issues.

Some people are convinced that the United States is an imperialist country and needs to be taken down.

Some people don’t follow the news enough to know who is running, let alone where they stand on the issues. Probably 20% don’t know who AOC is, let alone the others.

Some people think the government owes them a living and figure that the Democrats will give it to them faster.

Some immigrant voters have not figured out that the politicians who made their home county hell are cut from same cloth as “the four morons of the Apocalypse.”


House members voted down Green’s impeachment whatever. 332-95-1



50% says the media of likely voters are not bothered by the president’s alleged racist tweets. They say they will vote for him. Believe me. If the media is admitting to 50% you KNOW it is higher…by 10 to 12 percentage points.

The approvals for the four morons of the apocalypse, Les Salopes Quatre is pathetic to say the least. Little miss AOC already has a Jamaican female repug and BLACK by the way, challenger. Let’s see how this plays out. Dems in the house are fed up with her. They supported her and now she’s working against their re elections. Two can play that game.

The Greenville NC Rally appears to be another success. The president was funny, entertaining in his message. And everyone loved it.

Dems in the house have no problem in overturning 250 year old rules and traditions so let’s just forget about that law about no more than 2 consecutive terms. TRUMP 2020, 2024, 2028. LOLOL
Spread that around and watch democrats soil themselves. LOLOLOL


Trump and Kanye are literally the only people who can beat AOC in 2024.

People are like “She has low approval ratings, and even though she can suck up all the oxygen, it’s with negative press! She doesn’t even seem to be educated on the issues!”

Gosh, I have never seen this before. She must be headed to a calamity. BIG win for Republicans incoming!