The Goal isn't to destroy

I could vote for Charles Manson as a Democrat, and its still the middle vote in the senate that decides EVERYTHING! It doesn’t matter how Looney the Left is Manchin, and Sinema still control it all. It didn’t matter how Looney Josh Hawley or Trump Or Bannon was Mccain kept Obamacare together because it was written by the heritage foundation.

That’s odd. What I “get so tired” of is the actual destructive acts the Democrats are taking.

President Trump solved the southern border problem. He handed over a border that wasn’t leaking. No criminals were getting in. All Dunce Biden had to do was nothing. But no, he obeyed his masters and opened the gate wide to let in any criminal that could get to the border. They don’t even need to buy a child to get in.

They’re obviously trying to raise the national debt so high that they cause the US Dollar to follow Zimbabwe’s lead. Shortages and inflation are bad and not expected to get better anytime soon. And what’s this I hear about them trying to make illegal aliens rich? Grief.

No, none of the people you know are doing it, @Unitedwestand, but they probably voted for the people that are actively trying to burn our nation to the ground.


If you are a “moderate Democrat” @Unitedwestand, why don’t you speak out against AOC and the Squad? You will note that I don’t hold back when I take issue with a Republican. I am not a professional pol who has to tow the party line. I am a concerned citizen.

I have huge problems with the amount of money and the increases in the money supply the Democrats want. I have huge problems with the inflation that those policies will bring. I have huge problems with going back to depending on countries in the Middle East for oil. Under Trump we were independent of that and net exporters of energy. Now, under Biden, we are again going to OPEC, hat in hand. That is Biden’s fault because he did the bidding of AOC and the Squad.

You keep harping about how bad things are for rural Americans. Do you know what high fuel prices will do to them? Ditto for high electric rates. Obama told us during his administration that electric rates were going to increase greatly, and he didn’t seem to care. Time was the Democrats supported the REA, the Rural Electrification Administration under FDR that got affordable electric service to rural communities. Now the Democrats don’t care if the electric rates go through the roof because “That’s good for the environment.”

The Democrats want to increase inheritance taxes greatly, which will break up family farms and push real property ownership to big corporations. How is that helping people in rural areas?

But you keep towing the Democrat line. See where it gets you.

I don’t know why you have to support the Democrat line of bull when it’s going to hurt you.


1 Maybe not most of the Dem voters, but the Dem politicians at the Federal level do, and they’re making it obvious these days.

2 The radicals who insist on spending a lot more on socialist crap.
3 They’re just holdouts (and I respect them for it); the rest of the party is going along with the radicals.


Paid Maternity Leave is “socialist crap”?

To repeat:

I agree 100%. In order to create a socialist state, the existing nation must first be destroyed.

This, by the way, is the only way that otherwise incomprehensible stories become comprehensible.

Why spend us into oblivion? Why destroy the military with woke perversions? Why fire 1,000’s of first responders at during a crime wave and a pandemic? Why give our greatest middle east base to the Taliban (and then to China)?

None of these make sense alone. Only when we understand that the destruction of America is a prerequisite to the establishment of a socialist state does it all come into view clearly.

Of course, destruction of the family and religion is also a big part of this, thats why we see women, their sports, their very gender, being destroyed by transgender activists, and the family being destroyed by homosexuals and other anti-traditional family groups. Even BLM officially wants to destroy the nuclear family, so their website says.

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If you mean states like CA and NY that force companies to pay, they’re forcing a financial burden on companies that make them rearrange things, probably with lower wages across the board. They can’t deficit spend forever like Democrats think the government can. It probably also results in unintentional or even intentional discrimination against hiring women.

If you mean the stinking federal government’s FEPLA, it’s not free either. It’s forced charity to federal workers paid for by a burden on tax payers or an increase in deficit spending that hastens the destruction of the US dollar–a socialist goal.

In a free market, people can be prosperous enough that they don’t need the stinking government to put their thumb on the scale to have enough income to have a child. People have been having children for thousands of years without forced charity.

Also, consider the affect on different jobs. If you have a government job calculating useless statistics, you can take a year off and no one will even notice you weren’t productive for that time. But what about farming? Even if the government guarantees they can have paid family leave, do they tell the crops and cows to take a break or to harvest and milk themselves while they’re gone?


I get tired of democrats saying that the only way to salvage america is to teach white kids that they are inferior. I get tired of democrats pushing for pre-school kids to choose their gender. I get tired of democrats trying to saturate the country with illegal immigrants. I get tired of democrats giving free passes to illegal immigrants to secure their votes. I get tired of my life hanging between global-warming or covid, and then letting government decide which one is more important to me. I get tired of walking into a gas station and within 10 seconds some biden voter says “pull your mask up!” I get tired of watching the prices of everything go through the roof. I get tired of knowing my tax money will end up in some gender studies program in a foreign country. I get tired of atheists spitting on people’s faith simply because they don’t believe in traditional morality. I get tired of democrats trying to say they have no idea what I’m talking about just as a conference comes to town for people who like to dress up as stuffed animals. I get tired of democrats trying to make everything humanity used to shun into the mainstream. I get tired of democrats being obsessed with protecting the feelings of everyone who agrees with them to the point where we can’t even have a conversation anymore without name-calling.
-insert like 9000 sentences just like this-

So. What are you guys doing to make things better? How has my life improved one bit under the biden regime?


And dude. Whether you like it or not, whether you accept it, this is the truth and you are a part of it:

The democratic party is the party of homosexuality. Gender dysphoria. Gender switching. Use-my-pronouns. Cross-dressing. Gay sex. Teaching kids about gay sex. Dressing up as stuffed animals. Racism. LGBTQ…rixstugphckthujks pride. Rainbow color hair.

Now don’t get me wrong; if anyone likes this stuff more power to you; to each his own. Just when anyone says the word democrat, all these dots are connected instantly in my mind. I’m assuming it’s basically the same with democrats and guns.

This whole thread is based on a false statement anyway. The socialists end game IS to destroy America as we know it and re-build a socialist state. If the OP has been duped and does not know that then thats his problem He is, as they use to say, a “Useful Idiot”.

We have reached a point where if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.

I don’t think they are actually trying to “destroy” America per se, it’s just that all their goals ARE going to destroy America and I don’t think they’re smart enough to see it. So… yes in some fashion they are definitely working to destroy America. I don’t think they look at it that way. They’re trying to “rebuild” us or something. I don’t know what the end product is supposed to look like. I would imagine a ghetto in Somalia, but they’re shooting for lolipop land in the wizard of oz.

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This is the second time you mentioned Furries is that something that like you know someone is struggling with? I never thought of furries as political, just general cringeiness.

Seriously Arabs need to treat their women better if we can teach them well God bless us.

F*** Feelings, Feelings aren’t logical.

I never felt I was taught that I just see that minorities are playing the game on the hard setting by no choice of their own. I have zero white guilt infact I adore Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Findland for metal and turbochargers. I just think black folks get treated like crap. My step brother is Latino he seems to be treated as my equal in the North but in Florida I know I have a racial advantage and its not

Richard Dawkins was a conservative

Tell them to kiss you A** anyone that blatantly partisan needs a reality check.

My son knows he’s a boy.

What if I told you they couldn’t vote how would that fact change your opinion?

Ignore them you know your worth more than people who would attack the messenger.

Labor has never been more competitive demand for labor is through the roof.

Covid is here and now Global-Warming is a long term reality no one really does anything even Build Back Better is Greenwashing.

That’s the problem you dehumanize the opposition.

I like expression colors when my wife wears them. Never seen rainbow hair except on a troll doll. I like a lot of ALT stuff like the metal community. I have my kinks I have my bag I wouldn’t share it even under pressure of waterboarding. Michigan has this show not for kids obviously because its called Carnival of Chaos in Rockford Mi. Now I don’t think it’s partisan its more of an extreme metal freak show, no one under 18 admitted no matter what. See in my day if there was gayness, possibility of tits, or anything adult it was restricted to Adults. Now we have drag queen story time, which is a sad state of affairs. I’m not for kids accessing adult content, or being exposed to the ideals behind them. In fact a lot of those ideals lead to aids, hep c, and herpes, stalkers, associated drug lifestyles, hookup culture. I do believe consenting adults have the right to do what they want with each other, but not so publicly without venue and age restrictions.

You think I’m Bi Curious Furry who wants to teach kids about gay sex? Now say that in your head and do you understand how offensive that is to take half of Americans and say that about them?

Do you think that I think every republican is a "Greedy, Draft Dodging, WarMongering, science denying, racist, fat, poor, uncultured, Trump Worshipping, thoughtless, husk of walmart, toothless, gun owning, truck driving, illiterate idiot? Now maybe like 1% are.

Women can sue

Japan and Korea both heavily capitalist countries without social security nets have the highest rates of childlessness because the society caters to wage earners, not allowing them to have children due to economic restrictions.

Suddenly the birth rate goes down in the west what do we do?

Remove the trump worship and the gun ownership and you just PERFECTLY described how we view democrats. 1% of them.

Legalize abortion up to 6 years old.

You don’t know me. I know a few liberals who want their country back and I respect them for that.

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but those liberals you know are “Part of the problem”
and “Destroying the country”. That’s war talk if you meant it would be like a can bug and raid. What you mean to say “Is they are idiots” and they are “pissing me off with stupid ideas”.