The Goal isn't to destroy

Remove the trump worship and the gun ownership and you just PERFECTLY described how we view democrats. 1% of them.

Legalize abortion up to 6 years old.

You don’t know me. I know a few liberals who want their country back and I respect them for that.

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but those liberals you know are “Part of the problem”
and “Destroying the country”. That’s war talk if you meant it would be like a can bug and raid. What you mean to say “Is they are idiots” and they are “pissing me off with stupid ideas”.

Birthrate is a problem in most western countries. The more developed a country becomes, the less children people have. Your theory that the problem is money doesn’t make sense, because along with increasing development comes increasing standard of living. It’s the poor countries that are pumping out kids like gangbusters.

Germany tried to solve their low birthrate by importing lots of Muslims from the Middle East on the theory that they would throw away their home culture and become good Germans. Hah! Germany now realizes Muslims are loyal to Islam and hate German culture.

Democrats in the US think they can win elections by importing a huge number of illegals from Mexico. At least they’re not Muslims, but they’ve done great damage all the same.


This part is true. It was a dumb idea.

Would be a great idea if they could vote but hmm they just aren’t umm not legally here… umm not legally able to vote. Scooby doo we got a mystery to solve how the hell do illegal immigrants help democrats? I don’t know if you’re paying attention but Rural hispanics vote the same way rural caucasions do just as urban hispanics vote the same way Urban whites do its just more likely for hispanics to be in city centers.

You seen that southpark episode too lol?

Seriously, do you have a reading disability?

No inform me of what I got wrong oh pious one.

You respond to what you think I meant. RESPOND TO WHAT THE F I SAID OR DON’T BOTHER.

I have no idea what your saying at this point it’s like bill cosby choking on jello. I have no idea what you want. At this point I will say OK because you matter and your feelings matter so its OK ok?

You’re making progress sort of. His feelings matter because everyone’s feelings matter, except, olddog is not a democrat and he may be white, therefore his feelings don’t really matter. If he were getting lapdances from teenage boys in a democrat school district his feelings would matter.

My feelings aren’t hurt. I am just tired of seeing his ridiculous responses to my posts and the posts of others.

I thought this site had a BLOCK or IGNORE feature but I can’t find it. Anybody?

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If we don’t have a block or ignore feature, it’s probably because it’s a republican site, and as conservatives we don’t believe in silencing other people’s opinions. I’ve also never once seen any member of this site ask a liberal to leave; something I am proud of us for; we just read their craziness and then give our 2 cents. I want to join a democrat forum and see how they treat me.

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I personally like you on a personal level. I don’t really like other democrats. Get ready for the older whine bags to enforce PC speech. The younger of us are less pc, ie southpark, actually being alive.

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I value the 1st amendment almost as much as the 2nd. I don’t want to silence him or anyone else. I just don’t want to listen. If leaving the site is the only way to achieve this … I’m gone.

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I believe in the channel changer on my television so I don’t have to listen to filthy fake news lies on MSNBC or CNN. I would value also not having to listen to the filthy fake news lies and hate from Unitedwestand and csnazi…

It is one thing to value other opinions, maybe from a guy like Manchin or Tulsi Gabbard, descent upright democrats. But the hate and lies and propaganda spewed out by the likes of these guys is not “opinion”, its garbage. Thats the difference…

Is it one of the things that they want to spend all that taxpayer money on? If so, then absolutely.

News to me.

If you have to ask the question then it is doubtful you will understand the answer.

Overtime in the UK the Labour & Lib-democratic support of Muslims drove him into the Conservative camp. He was a frequent guest on Bill Maher back in 2008-2011 and used to piss off the left with his anti-islam stuff. He was Labour & Lib-Dem most his life until Labor supported refugee alocation as well as the lib-dem party.