The golf game

I had a 93 shown ,a 90 not shown and a 73 on the golf game but the leader is 150. Help…What am I missing here??

That’s like me being the chess champ, because I lost by the greatest amount. Some games are just screwed up. I need to update it the whole arcade.


Does that work for playing poker? If so, I better go back to the tables, because I can lose A LOT at poker. :smile:

Yeah, I figured out that it’s the highest number that wins in the shortest time for a lot of games. Even if the highest number is bad in the game itself.

but… I still don’t know how they got 150 on that game, the best (or worst) I could do was skip each hole as fast as I could (giving me 8 for each hole) and ended up at 144. (I even tried making 7 miss strokes on the last hole and then hitting into a +3 or whatever… it still only gave me 8 for the hole)

oh well