The Good And Bad News


This is the abbreviated version of a post I could spend all day writing. Not going happen. The reader will either get it or not get it.

So, here goes - it’s the way I view this election:

The good news is Donald Trump probably can’t defeat Hillary Clinton. The bad news is Donald Trump probably can’t defeat Hillary Clinton.

This election is shaping up to be a either a sure loss - or a probable loss.

One way or the other, it appears we will be electing an individual in November without character or principle and not on a first name basis with the truth.

I personally believe Hillary and Donald reflect the same lack of values and lack of principle found within a VERY large segment of our electorate.


…which reiterates what I posted on another thread. If Trump wins the nomination, we’re toast because Hillary hands him his head in the general. If Trump DOESN’T win the nomination and drops out, we’re toast, because his sycophants likely will boycott the general, giving the Presidency to Hillary. If Trump DOESN’T win the nomination and runs as a third party candidate, we’re STILL toast, because that gives Hillary the election with a “plurality.” In short, Trump running as a “Republican” has NO upside to it, which I believe is WHY he chose to run in the first place. Surely he’s smart enough to know that he’s NOT “Presidential material.” Anyone with more than two functioning brain cells knows it.


The GOP should have never underestimated Trump. It’s too late now, unless Trump kicks a baby live on TV or something. Though knowing much of his base, they’d probably just applaud and call it a sign of his candid nature.


What I find so disappointing is that after 8 years under a regime headed by a man with absolutely no sense we appear destined to be headed by one of two individuals, neither of which has any character or scruples. Sadder still is the fact that, as a nation, we had the choice/chance to put forth a flawed, but capable conservative - Ted Cruz.

I use the past tense - “had the choice/chance” because I no longer believe there is any way Ted Cruz can both get the nomination and win the presidency. Why do I believe this?

Well, first of all, as a practical matter Cruz is NOT going to capture the roughly 80% of the remaining delegates required for him to win the nomination outright.

Second, without any doubt whatsoever - Trump will either capture the required delegates necessary for his nomination BEFORE the convention - OR - he will be VERY close to the 1237 required. If Cruz were to come out of a contested convention as the nominee, Trump supporters would feel “robbed” and many would not show up at the polls in November. In fact, if Trump isn’t presented with the nomination, the formation of a 3rd party is possible.

Either way, Cruz will not be the nominee to go head-to-head with Hillary - at least not under conditions in which he could win.

It is virtually inconceivable how we could have possibly set ourselves up to have two such unsavory and unscrupulous candidates as Clinton and Trump. Then again, anything is possible when we have an electorate that elected a subversive - Obama - twice.


In March of 1980, Carter was ahead of Reagan 58-33. Reagan won.
In May 1988, Dukakis was ahead of GHW Bush 54-38. Bush won.
In March of 1992, GHW Bush was ahead of Clinton 44-25.Clinton won.

Polls don’t mean Jack.
I believe your fear reflects the same cowardice that is expressed throughout Congress. Now, what’ya think of that?
We get it. God Bless, we get it. You, and the other Anti Trumpsters are OBSESSED with this detritus. All day, every day you guys sit here and annoyingly trash Americans and Trump Supporters, and then expect us to take anything you say seriously? Don’t you have anything better to do? We have endured the constant barrage of insults and talking points against Trump, and the endless supply of excuses for Cruz. We get it. You won’t vote for Trump. You don’t like Trump. You don’t think much of Trump. We get it. We get it.
Now, can we get on with something else?


So, now I am functioning on two brain cells? What a load of hooey.
You sit here with some conspiracy theory that Trump, a multi-billionaire, is willing to waste a billion dollars on a campaign, to help Hillary? He’s willing to throw away a lucrative TV show and Beauty pageant, and take a monstrous pay cut, to help Hillary? He is willing to side with woman of questionable reputation, under FBI investigation, to help Hillary? Really? What are you smokin’?
Look, you have made it very plain that you, like Cruz, are willing to espouse some misleading crud to damage Trump. You have insulted us, and disparaged us, and I sat relatively quiet, not silent, and let you have your opinion. But you guys just won’t shut up about it, so I will no longer, hold my tongue.
Why don’t you Anti Trumpers grow a pair? Romney was a milque toast, and shows more juevos than you guys. I really don’t care who you vote for, so could you, for the Love of God, find something else to complain about?


Once again, Grow a pair.
YOU question Trump’s character. I do not. I look at his highly successful kids. They are conservatives, well behaved and of high character. His wife is wonderful. His employees love him. Just because he says things, you consider unsavory, you question his character. I judge people by how they treat their families. According to Trumps former butler, no matter who was in the room, if one of his kids called, he dropped everything to attend to them. That demonstrates impeccable character, IMHO.
So, put up, or shut up. Show me someone who will validate your opinion. Someone of credible status, other than Romney, who will state emphatically that Trump is a person of lousy character. It seems to me that, if Trump was what you say, people would be coming out of the woodwork, to shut him down. Heck, even his ex-wife says he is a man of good character.
I grow weary of all the suppositions, and inclinations, and predictions of you anti Trumpsters.
You guys predicted that Trump wasn’t serious. Wrong.
You guys predicted that he’d implode in a couple of weeks. Wrong.
You guys predicted he’d lose steam, and bow out. Wrong.
You guys predicted he’d never agree to not run Third Party. Wrong.
In fact, you guys have been incessantly expecting Trump to fail. And you are wrong again. You guys sound just like the guys we want Trump to fight, namely, the eGOP. So, pardon us Trump supporters, if we ignore the ramblings of those who have been more wrong, than right, and who share the opinions of our enemies, the RNC, when it comes to Trump.
Have a nice day.


So, I am someone who’d let someone hurt a child, and applaud? I’d not applaud if Trump kicked, IDK, uh…YOU.


Every time someone doubts Trump, he just beats expectations. Clinton inspires no passion whatsoever. The only way she wins, is if voters resoundingly reject Trump. They may of course.

But if they didn’t like Trump, they wouldn’t like Cruz any better. Cruz is clearly a better fit for Republicans than the general electorate. And Cruz couldn’t even win over Republicans. So if Trump loses, it was pretty much a sure loss anyway.


You convinced me, Tiny. You and Trump are a perfect fit.

Hey, who knows - Trump might surprise. The problem is, if he’s worth a damn as POTUS it would be somewhat surprising.

He will have to govern MUCH better than he seems able to express himself. The use of complete sentences on topics he has at least thought through would be helpful.

The ridiculous banter about his wife’s picture and his threats to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife in retaliation shows just how easy it will be for Hillary and her media handmaidens to get under his skin during the election. Trump has the temperament of a petulant 10 year old. Instead of using his time raking Hillary and Obama over the coals for their demanding ME “refugees” be allowed into the US on the heels of the Brussels bombings, he spends his time being sidetracked over a picture of his wife posted on the internet - a picture I would think she got paid for and approved of during her modeling days. My God - heaven help us!!

But, Really, it was his recent comment suggesting he may want to pull the United States out of NATO that demonstrated as much as any of his previous poorly thought out, bombastic statements just how unfit he may be for the presidency.

Have a nice day, Tiny.


[quote=“MDMikeB, post:10, topic:48503”]
Tiny - a brain is a wonderful thing. You should grow one.
[/quote]Wow, such a face melting burn! I think the only possible way for Tiny to one up that one, is to question your heterosexuality!

[quote=“MDMikeB, post:10, topic:48503”]
The ridiculous banter about his wife’s picture and his threats to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife in retaliation shows just how easy it will be for Hillary and her media handmaidens to get under his skin during the election.
[/quote]Responding in kind is something we need in a candidate. Unlike Romney, who just let Obama beat him over the head with a sock of nickels. Trump is going to go head on into Clinton’s propaganda machine, and he’ll come out the winner, just like he has with his “Trump versus the entire mainstream media[now including Fox News]”.
Cruz on the other hand, is saying that"Real men don’t attack women". Wonderful. So Cruz has preannounced his “Get my ass beat by Clinton” roadmap. While Clinton is tearing him apart, he’ll just sit there and idly take, because he can’t fight back against a woman. That is not what we need in 2016.


Nice edit, Mike.
Look, we know you are a world class physician, and I am a lowly finance officer. So we know that you are so much smarter than me, I guess I should grow a brain and listen only to your wisdom and intelligence. While you sit here and slight Trump, Cruz is also in this little malaise. So, carry on, but you and RET and Dave are hypocritically talking smack about us, while crucifying Trump for his words. Personally attacking me, while you should be railing against Obozo and Hitlery. Hmmm…:howler:


On this point alone: Not really; we all agree that those two are toxic.


Not very clear on your post, but here goes.
I am not sure if you think he should be personally attacking me. All I did was repeat his words, in paraphrase.
I cannot fathom anything more defensive, and superfluous, than the garbage being spewed here.
Let’s see. So far:
I am operating on two brain cells.
I need to grow a brain.
Personally attacks on me are preferable to attacking Obozo and Clintonista.
And, I get to sit here, as a good RO minion, and tolerate this crud.
Nah. Not interested.
Have a nice day.
I kinda expected it out of the others, but you have disappointed me, FC.


Whoops, hold up a sec. I wasn’t as clear as I could have been, so let me correct that now. I’m not encouraging the anti Trump rants. I just caught that one point of yours, and was pointing out that it was kind of superfluous to be railing against Obama and Hillary.

I’m sorry you thought I was joining in the mud slinging; that wasn’t at all my intent.


[quote=“Fantasy_Chaser, post:15, topic:48503”]
Whoops, hold up a sec. I wasn’t as clear as I could have been, so let me correct that now. I’m not encouraging the anti Trump rants. I just caught that one point of yours, and was pointing out that it was kind of superfluous to be railing against Obama and Hillary.

I’m sorry you thought I was joining in the mud slinging; that wasn’t at all my intent.
[/quote]No problem. Took me aback, for a second. Yet, now it kinda sounds like you think it is more productive to come after me, than it is for them to go after our common enemy.
No matter. I really do not care, much.
My point is that we should all be thinking about how we defeat the Dem Horde, instead of flexing our pecs at each other.
I prefer Trump. I’ll vote for Cruz.
You’re for Cruz, but have stated that you will not vote for Trump.
Mike says he’ll support the eventual nominee. Who knows what RET thinks.
All I know is that I can have more useful conversations with Liberals right now, than people I thought were of like mind, on this site. I endured the Jazzhead/Mike thing last election, but if this turns out like that, you can keep this place.
Right now, I am considering my options. 8 years, man, what was I thinking?


I don’t think you only have two brain cells, Tiny1. I think that deep down in your soul you KNOW that Trump isn’t Presidential material. You may WANT him to be President despite that, though, and that’s pretty scary. Too many of the early contests are “open” primaries–or in States with same-day registration. The only one that isn’t either is the Iowa Caucus–and Trump LOST it. His “margin of victory” in the remaining ones can be accounted for by Democrats and “Independents” crossing over to help nominate him. After the first 5 or 6, inertia takes hold and people start voting for him because they think he’ll be the eventual nominee and they want to “vote for the winner.” BTW, Trump WOULD do all those things to help Hillary win IF he thought he could gain it all back through government contracts and loan “guarantees” that he’s arranged with Hillary beforehand. Try to remember that a mere 5 years ago, Trump was Bill and Hillary’s “good friend” and ally. Do YOU turn on your friends that quickly? I actually admire you efforts to defend the indefensible things Trump has done in this campaign. You think it’s because of his “grit.” I believe it’s because he doesn’t give a rat’s patootie if he wins the nomination or not. All he has to do is insure that Hillary DOES win and he’s golden, and he’s doing that. He uses up so much of the media “air” that they barely KNOW she’s in legal trouble and as usual are almost IGNORING her criminality, lies and lack of character. Trump’s former employee/associate critics will only be trotted out if he DOES win the nomination and you can bet your bottom that the DNC has a legion of them for that purpose and are holding them in reserve in that event.

All that said, I would be much more than surprised if Trump were to gain the nomination AND win the general. What would even surprise me more than that would be if he became an effective POTUS and followed up even on SOME of the impossible stuff he’s promised to be and do.


[quote=“Pappadave, post:17, topic:48503”]
I think that deep down in your soul you KNOW that Trump isn’t Presidential material.
[/quote]Is this like the inverse of Barry Goldwater’s slogan?


GeeeeZe this carried over from the other thread, didn’t it?


No, they would watch the video of Trump kicking the baby in high def; then they would blame Ted Cruz for it.