The GOP Establishment


So far, the GOP establishment has given us eight years of the worst president in history. By that I don’t mean Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. I mean Barak Obama.

The GOP establishment is small, and it tries to speak for a VAST majority of Americans who make up the silent majority.

Illegal immigration is a perfect example.

The ESTABLISHMENT of both parties is in favor of Amnesty.

The GOP Establishment wants illegals given amnesty because they work cheap.
The Democrat Establishment wants illegals given amnesty so they can be registered Democrat and keep Democrat politicians in office.

We are TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT as a nation, thanks to ONLY Barak Obama, who has spent more than ALL past presidents combined.

By the way, the GOP establishment includes the conservative establishment press: Weekly Standard, National Review, Foxnews, etc. They ALL oppose the candidacy of Donald Trump.

NO VIRGINIA, this isn’t an election about right versus left any more.

It’s about ESTABLISHMENT versus America.

On the GOP side there are THREE non-Establishment candidates: Trump, Carson and Cruz. Everyone else is sucking up to the media and praying they get their Establishment wings.

Out of the three, Donald Trump has the best poll numbers and the best chance of stopping amnesty. In fact, he not only can send most of the illegal aliens back, he can get most of the country on board, since most of the country is this silent majority who is backing him now.

Ask yourself: Do you want illegal aliens voting? Do you want Hillary elected by criminals? (Already there are articles saying that’s going to happen.) Do you want to lose this country and have it turned into a third world shitehole?

Right now, only Donald Trump stands in the way of that. Forget all the crap you’ve heard about him, from the liberal press and the Establishment conservative press. Go by what he is actually saying and judge him on that.

Get rid of your preconceived notions and your hatred of the man. Judge him on HIS words and HIS words alone. That’s how you should decide.