The GOP is quietly crafting work requirement waivers — for white people


First of all, you’re calling out what you call racism, with a dearth of facts to back it up. Second, you don’t get to say whatever you “feel like” here. We have rules; they’re not new. And we’re quite prepared to enforce them. Don’t like it? Go somewhere else where they accept your spurious accusations of racism. And if you keep up the crap and the attitude, we’ll insist.


Mr. Anderson is posting this crap like most moronic Democrat fools tend to do. No solutions for ANYTHING and no real refutation of anything a Conservative proposes, so invariably–and inevitably–resorts to accusing us of “racism”. Hint: It’s a LOSING proposition


So you agree that Affirmative Action is Racism and those who support it are Racists I suppose?


This is such an obvious rebuttal that I’m embarrassed that I didn’t think of it.