My Thesis is that from 1980-2008 the GOP was seen as the Mature party the party of control. Much like the conservative party is seen in the UK. In 2008 the GOP caused the largest bubble, and had a tough time recruiting cool heads so in 2010 they did the TEA party thing. Then a bunch of crazies came in, ie reform party crazies. By 2016 this was evident as the nomination of Donald Trump in itself was absurd. At that point the Democrats realized they had to be the party of maturity and thats not something natural that came to them.

The Democrats by their very nature are supposed to be the opposition stopping the GOP from it’s worst angels overriding it’s intellect. Now we have a party in the mainstream that has no idea how to govern, but they are trying. The GOP can’t get out of the looney bin. Horse Dewormer, Tucker Carlson, MTG, Gossar, House Freedom Caucus. You guys need to be the party of sanity again. I don’t know what it will take. Cities on fire, small towns rising violence, hate on both sides.

You guys need to get your crap together and govern sanely.

The Reagan model take a blue state governor, place them at top in the primaries and have them run the nation it worked. Our only strategy is taking someone from the midwest and hoping they are not a complete idiot. We tried to redo Obama with Biden but its not working.

I would say that you party is in the looney bin, but that’s my view. You think your party is going to make a life for you via government hand-outs. It won’t.

The Republicans were sick and tired of the Bush Family. Old George was a decent president, but young George fell on his face at the end of his second term. When Jeb came along, there was as much enthusiasm for him as he showed during his brief primary campaign. The most exciting thing about him was the explanation sign at the end of his most common button, which read, JEB! I wasn’t going to vote for him in the primary despite the fact that he had been a decent Governor of Florida.

I never supported Trump in the primaries. In the end I voted for Cruz in the Florida primary because he and Kasich were all that were left. Kasich is a stinking RINO who should have stayed on as a substitute announcer at Fox News. I think less of him now.

Trump is a pain in the butt for the Republican policy. His policies are, in many ways, a breath of fresh air. His demeanor is awful. Even if the Democrats run another senile pig for president, it will probably still win.

The youth of America have been brainwashed by the education system. After reading a book on the history of the U.S. from the Revolution until just before the Civil War, I now know why. Racism can go both ways, and this college professor, Alan Taylor, who has won two Pulitzer Prizes, dislikes Whites as much as the members of the KKK dislike Blacks. He is a bigot, plain and simple.

You party has become the Communist - Fascist Party. It makes deals with the big corporations for money and power just like Hitler and Mussolini did. It’s a shame that guys like you can’t look past the promises of free stuff and see what they are.

TEA seems to reflect your poltics; Democrats were part of it originally. Socially conservative, high represented by married, educated, home owners.

All other demographics reflected America more broadly, including race.

Do you mean the party that loses, and just has to take it? Because their leadership is old, and out of ideas?

Maturity is also a hard sell, when they’re the first to suggest looney economic ideas “Y’know that trillion dollar coin? Let’s go mint that.”, and have platformed symbolism, i.e. let’s get as many people of rainbow colors and sexuality on the stage and in corporations as possible, far ahead of even the issue you claim to care most about.

Labor reform.

And the GOP stops the Democrat’s from being idiots on China and Iran? Is that how it works?

Human medication you mean? That works?

We now have a slew of companies making more drugs just like Ivermectin. Fluvoxamine, which I took, has a double-blind study showing it worked.

You’re losing the narrative on this one United, and it’s because you were wrong. You trusted the wrong authorities.

That’s on you. You furthered a narrative that denied useful treatment.

Fluvoxamine is exactly nothing like Ivermectin for the record. And we can’t just go around putting everyone on SSRIs. In a bunch of ways that would be dangerous even if it works for covid

Yeah, except for the part where any treatment that aren’t the vaccines have been undermined.

Including ********* Vitamin D, which should be standard advice.

I don’t think any doctor would give an SSRI off label for covid, but if you’ve managed to source it for reasons other than its intended purpose, do not take it for covid treatment.

If you were referring to “drugs like Ivermectin” being the new Paxlovid from Pfizer, that’s also exactly nothing like Ivermectin.

They have. It’s also approved for use in Canada.

I literally gave fluvox for the 1st time recently. (And obviously have never given the others outside of their actual intended uses for other medical problems). Despite 2 RCTs, I almost felt dirty doing it, though I think was right call. The nurses were like wtf is fluvoxamine?!

— Jeremy Faust MD MS (ER physician) (@jeremyfaust) December 17, 2021

The Doctor who prescribed it to people within my family, did so off-label. We have the bottles.

I’m surprised, and I guess I could see it as an emergency measure (especially in a hospital setting), but do you understand why an as needed SSRI is inherently dangerous and not a viable solution? Even if it works, it’d be way better to give people a less effective but less harmful Ivermectin.

It weak, cheap SSRI, with well understood side effects, of which none are known to be long term.

It’s chief benefit is the same as Ivermectin; it’s an anti-inflammatory.

Suicide is pretty long term. Not to mention you wouldn’t want to give it to most people already on SSRIs (1 in 8 Americans)

Neither of those are anti-inflammatories, they just happen to have anti-inflammatory effects. Actually I thought the effect of ivermectin had to do with binding to surface proteins of covid that connect to ace-2 in humans, not directly anti-inflammatory, or directly acting on the patient at all ideally.

I’m not knowledgeable about the subject, but this statement seems to me to be hairsplitting.

I could see that. I have a graduate degree in pharmacology so I guess I get particular about these things.

It’s like, just because a drug happens to have a side effect that causes vomiting, doesn’t mean you’d necessarily classify it as an emetic.

Against Social Programs which I am very much for. Against graduated income taxes, against graduated medical co pays.

They’re just throwing darts in a dark room hoping something anything helps except the vaccine why they protest it I have no idea.

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Speaking of throwing darts in a dark room, anyone here tried the urine therapy yet?

I don’t know the logic, but I can improve it!

If you eat enough orange peels, your urine will contain nobiletin metabolites, giving it both anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. Don’t let big pharma stop you from curing your own covid/cancer because they can’t profit off you drinking your own pee! You do have to be careful of falling prey to big citrus fruit when you use this method though…

Nah, this was your mistake from the start.

You’re jumping off SSRIs in general, when you should examined fluvoxamine’s track record specifically.

SSRIs in general don’t actually correlate to suicide either, in the general population. It’s still warned about because it’s unclear if it correlates with youth suicide/suicide attempts. It appears to, but we can’t say for sure.

Well, it’s debated anyway