The great anti-Semitism panic of 2017


The great anti-Semitism panic of 2017
By David Bernstein
March 8

I’m not insensitive to anti-Semitism. Despite growing up in Jew-friendly New York City, I experienced my share of it — kids throwing rocks at my Jewish Day School bus, … . … I’ve blogged quite a bit about anti-Semitism. I’ve mostly written about anti-Semitism coming from the far left, but I’m not at all naive about the existence and virulence of anti-Semitism on the far right.

Nevertheless, I’ve been rather taken aback by the panic in the Jewish community over American anti-Semitism since Donald Trump won the election. The recent spate of hoax bombing threats to Jewish community centers and other Jewish institutions around the country has been a precipitating factor, but the fear is drastically out of proportion to the threat … . By contrast, in the past decade or so there have been actual murders at a JCC and a Jewish federation office without precipitating such panic.

… I’ve lost track of how many times Jewish friends and acquaintances in my Facebook feed have asserted, as a matter of settled fact, that Bannon’s website Breitbart News is a white-supremacist, anti-Semitic site. I took the liberty of searching for every article published at Breitbart that has the words Jew, Jewish, Israel or anti-Semitism in it, and can vouch for the fact that the website is not only not anti-Semitic, but often criticizes anti-Semitism … . I’ve invited Bannon’s Facebook critics to actually look at Breitbart and do a similar search on the site, and each has declined, … they already know it’s anti-Semitic.

There is also a general sense among Jews, at least liberal Jews, that Trump’s supporters are significantly more anti-Semitic than the public … . I have many times asked for empirical evidence that supports this proposition, and have so far come up empty. … there doesn’t seem to be any survey or other evidence supporting it. Given that American subgroups with the highest proportions of anti-Semites — African Americans, first-generation Hispanic immigrants, Muslims and high school dropouts — are strong Democratic constituencies …

I shouldn’t have to say this, but in case one of RO’s Lib/Prog denizens happens to see this or a new Lib/Prog wanders in:

1.) Antisemitism is real (Duh-uhhhhh!).

2.) Antisemitism has been increasing in the US. But it’s been doing so pretty steadily since the late 60s, not just in the past 6-12 months.

3.) Neo-Nazi and white supremacist types are “out there”, but they have been, in various forms, for well over a century. I’ve seen what happens when a white supremacist wanders into a conservative discussion site, thinking conservatives share their views or are persuadable. A close encounter of the Ban-Hammer kind is but the culmination of having their mistake corrected.

4.) More to the point, the current wave of fear among Jewish people is not groundless. The bomb threats have been real, and while no bombs have been found, the operative concern is expressed by the words, “so far”.

All that said, partisan politics are also feeding and augmenting this fear. With zero evidence, Libs and Progs have pushed the narratives that Trump followers are antisemitic, and that Trump is encouraging anti-Semites, and that these Trump followers and white supremacists are making the bomb threats.

To date, there has been one hoax caller identified and arrested. As is visually obvious from the picture in the New York Times article I linked, the guy is probably not a white supremacist. He is also virulently anti-Trump.

My personal opinion is that almost all or all the bomb-threat hoaxers who are identified and (hopefully) caught will turn out to be Muslims, blacks, and foreigners (or some combination thereof). I’m not saying that all Muslims, blacks, and foreigners are antisemitic, just that antisemitic ideas are more common and stronger in those demographic groups.


Some background information:

“Entrenched anti-Semitic views” very rare among whites and Asian Americans, common among blacks and Latinos
By David Bernstein
February 19, 2014

> According this article, ADL surveys show that “approximately 12 percent of Americans hold deeply entrenched anti-Semitic views.” However, over 30% of African Americans and Latinos hold such views. … it seems odd given these numbers that Jews seem especially concerned about mostly phantom anti-Semitism emanating from white evangelical Christians, while being less concerned about anti-Semitism in core Democratic constituencies. But, as Ilya pointed out a few years back, “many studies show that people tend to devalue or ignore any information that makes their political adversaries look good, while overvaluing anything that looks bad.”


More fake news trying to establish a false narrative regarding the Trump Administration, that is all this is and it will not get traction for the same reason all of the other false narratives against Trump have failed to get traction; Trump is not stupid enough to lend credibility to these propaganda ministers of lies.

The Left is the home base of Racism and Anti-Semitism, they have always had help from the GOP in masking this truth because the GOP has ALWAYS jumped to defend itself against baseless accusations instead of mocking these Liars openly and loudly: without GOP help the Lefts Emperors have no clothes.

This has been fun to watch, I can only hope that the Left keeps up the volume and keeps embracing their tired strategy; it makes it quite easy to expose them :slight_smile:


The idea that Trump is an anti-Semite is laughable. His son-in-law is Jewish and his daughter has converted so they’re raising his GRANDCHILDREN in the Jewish faith!


I find anti-Semitics despicable human beings. I actually find anti-Semitism more offensive than racism. Most racism claims are false and used to foment unrest and violence. It gives the “offended” people a false sense of security and the possibility of collecting some kind of a reward if the “offended” screams loud enough and behaves in such a way as to frighten or intimidate the average citizen. This “black lives matter” bunch of thugs is a perfect example. But, again, I find anti-Semitism much more offensive than black-white racism. I don’t think for a nanosecond that Trump is anti-Semitic. He is a successful businessman and has to have had first hand experience in his career with racism and anti-Semitism. I knew a man in Wisconsin who had his own manufacturing plant and employed more than 150 workers. One day, along comes the slimy sluggards from EEOC checking up on my friend. They read to him the quotas he had to fulfill in order to stay in business. They told him the minimum amount of minorities he had to have on staff. The man looked over the paperwork they gave him and then called his ;supervisor/foreman of the plant. He said to him, I want you to fire 30 blacks & Hispanics. We’re over the quota and I want to comply with the government. Of course, he didn’t fire 30 people, but he got his point across to these fed bottom feeders. I’ve always said that racist people find racism around every nook and cranny. But anti-Semitism is much more insidious than your every day, run-of-the-mill racist.


Okay, but do you understand their logic? Can you articulate a response to them that isn’t simply a reprimand?

Here’s a rather articulate portrayal of a Neo-nazi argument:

If you don’t know how to respond, then you have left yourself powerless here. Your values, won’t mean much in the face of something like this gathering followers.

This is apart of the great failure of our educational system; exposing the evils of Fascism, of scapegoating, but giving no indication of how it operates. Meaning all you’re left with is screaming at people like this (or punching them in the face), instead of defeating their arguments.

Evil is wrong, but that doesn’t prevent it from having keen or insightful rationality; masquerading as an answer to broader problems.


Calling that disconnected, irrational, moronic diatribe “articulate” or a “reason based argument” explains a lot of things…

Roy Moore

I dare you to name the problems of his argument.

Specifically, what is he doing to make his argument, and how is it wrong.

It’s not simply a question of knowing he’s wrong, that’s easy, it’s a question of can you give specifics? Can you articulate how he is wrong?


If anyone with intellectual integrity would like to ask me to break down the complete idiocy of that video diatribe I would be happy to do so, I however have no intention of pretending that you will discuss this (or any issue really) with an ounce of intellectual honesty.


I can back up everything I’ve claimed here; here’s half of it.

The man in the video is blaming Jews for hyper-intellectualism; the very same tendency Thomas Sowell likes to talk on. People who spend their lives, positing ideas, that they in no way reap the consequences of when they cause disaster.

Now, can you describe the other half of this argument RET? What it is he is describing as virtuous, and what Nazi propaganda he in fact quotes to make his case?

Also; why it is wrong?

You’ve been dishonest with me several times RET, and you manage to turn every single bout we have, into ad hominem. Pieces of Shieste arguments, where you attack me, and do little else.

It all basically ties back to ONE disagreement we have, and you’ve used it to insult me, and drag me through the mud.

You call me a communist, with no vetting of my values. You call me a Progressive, while you yourself sit there and quote Wilsonian doctrine.

You’re intolerant of disagreement, fine. But that’s no excuse for the treatment you’ve given me. Grow the hell up.