The Great Earthquake

Just heard this one yesterday. There is going to be a great earthquake in September (signaled by a blood moon), which will split the US in half. The last time there was a blood moon, it signaled the beginning of WWII. Everyone should be prepared with at least a 3-months supply of food and water, better yet, six months.

Anyone else hear this one?

Not me

I’m more concerned with running out of beer.

We live a mile from a river. I’m not worried about water. Of course, not sure I would like to drink from the river, but there are plenty of springs around here, too. There is also plenty of venison.

As long as you can boil water, and can make a filter, you’ll be fine. Filtering water to remove most junk is easy, then you boil. Even easier if you have a still.

And I suspect that you can make your own beer.

Maybe we just need to stock up on filters for our Brita pitchers. We filter all our drinking water with them, anyway, because otherwise it leaves a metallic aftertaste. And we used to carry our water from various springs around here before I discovered the pitchers. When I was working in Ohio, I used them to filter out the chlorine taste. Here we have well water, which has a high concentration of iron, also some sulphur.