The hag of state and BO in deep #!@$% over Benghazi incident report says


It’s about time…46 page report blames Hillary Rod-em for deaths in Benghazi. Wonder what will happen next?

Benghazi Bombshell Drops On Obama, Hillary | Benghazi Attacks | Fox Nation


The government will investigate and it will sit in commitee for awhile and then forgotten just like the other cases that were brought out against congress members. Remember we will be the most transparent administration–yep corrupt


I fear that nothing will come of it. Hillary could have a smoking gun in her hand and would still be whitewashed.


By the time her run for President starts, the report will show her patrolling the streets of Benghazi, knife in her teeth(2-3/4" non-locking blade), non-offending form of firearm in her hands, looking for the perps.


To answer your question in two words, CT (and without sarcasm), not much. The Obama Administration has stonewalled this for nearly 8 months, and the MSM have mongered a, “There’s no ‘there’, there,” narrative. BUT that may not play well with voters, so if Hillary runs for President again a certain odoriferous substance may encounter the rotating ventilator.


Voters have short memories. This is a sad truth… Hillary NEEDS to be indicted for crimes of omission, negligence, obstruction, verbal fabrication, and just for being a b%tch.


In Dungeons and Dragons terms:

Hillary would be a Harpy, and Moochelle would be a Succubus, or possibly an otyugh.