The Happy Thread

Everyone’s been hostile the past couple of days. I propose a happy thread, starting with this baby goat:

look at the goat.


Killing the goat with my bare hands and wearing his entrails around my neck would make me more happy, but the sentiment is appreciated.



I’ll post a family friendly photo of a happy Kate Upton…

I no longer look at anything that starts with “goat” on the internet. LOL

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts receives package with goat’s head inside -

Mini Australian Shepherds herding ducklings. Yes, you read that correctly:

Adorable! Someone should sticky this thread.

Baby pandas try to escape their crib:

Happy as a Clam?..

Good idea.

I can feel the love…its sickening!!!

Scottish Terriers drinking milk:

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Yay! Let us celebrate! :beerchug:

Everyone gets a koala hug:

At the risk of enhancing my reputation as someone who enters a thread and wrecks it, but in the spirit of the Happy Thread, I submit this video, with the observation that * you don’t have to click on it if you don’t want to.*

Baby Elephant Trunk Joke

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In honor, a baby elephant:

This kitten is a frog: