The Happy Thread


Couldn’t think of anything happier than Jonathan Winters (RIP) roasting Ronnie Reagan for a Conservative board.


Then there’s this gem!

PWNED! :rofl:


I hate you Cam…


No! Why is that a thing?!?


Jokes on you, I find the song enjoyable.


breaks down sobbing No, it’s so overplayed…




This would make me happy!






Back on point: Baby polar bear learning to walk:


What’s the difference between a hooker and a drug dealer? (Off color punchline deleted)


Er, that’s rather overboard. I’m editing.


Shame…Its a funny joke. Here’s one, what’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef.


Ba-dum tish.


Is that little Cute Knute, the face eating Polar Bear? A shame what happened to him.


Know your audience. It’s a PG rated forum.


Yeah, most things that make me happy aren’t PG rated. Well, some anyways. I’m not talking perv stuff, just things that kids would be disturbed by.

I do like puppies, and kittens, and happy babies and all that too, so I’m fine with “cute” stuff.

I even enjoy watching deer play in the field… through my Redfield, before I pop them in the heart.
Just kidding!! I’ve let more deer walk away than I’ve shot, by far. Sometimes they are just too magnificent and I feel obligated to let them continue to contribute to the gene pool.


Sleepy otter: