The hopeless Republican establishment


The hopeless Republican establishment

JOSEPH FARAH — Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus pleased ABC News’ “This Week” by enthusiastically reiterating the self-defeating conclusion that the GOP establishment will not fund nor support Rep. Todd Akin’s bid to unseat Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri… **(more)

There is always something worse to make us appreciate what we have. The replacement refs made the regular refs look good. The regular refs make the replacement refs look good. Prince Pubis makes Michael Steele look good.**


Ah yes…I always take the opinion of World Nut Daily seriously.
Akin makes Republicans look like neanderthal idiots. The Party made the right decision and Akin can get his money from the Pacs.
I feel sorry for the people of MO no matter who wins this one…but Akin at least will help us to a majority. Wish it wasn’t so but the lesser of two evils is the only rational choice.


In the first portion of your post you seem to have different standards for the presidential election and the senatorial election. You want Republicans or conservatives who don’t support Romney to vote for the lessor of two evils, yet, you believe it’s acceptable for the RNC to not help Akin against McCaskill. In the second portion of your post, you admit Akin will help the Republicans gain a majority. Since this is true about Akin, why shouldn’t the RNC help him in his election? They would rather have McCaskill?


Because he is a complete idiot and now has just admitted NOT REPORTING $130K in INCOME!!

I said VOTE for the lesser of two evils…but provide no financial support…save it for worthy candidates. Similar example… if you are a conservative who doesn’t like ROMNEY…vote for him over Obama …but don’t send your $$ to him.
He’s losing by 6 points to McCaskill… he dissed the party leadership…HIS actions may cost the Party the control of the Senate and the most REPUBLICAN of Republicans thinks he is an embarassment to the brand.
This is politics. I suggest that in a world where you have the option of NOT making the Party look like neanderthals…in a world where you have many more WORTHY places to spend your limited support $$ (like McMahon in CT.) … in a world where someone has spit in the Party’s face … you pull the lever for the Republican but you make it clear that this is NOT OUR GUY or what WE stand for to the rest of the world.
Self-righteous purity confines one to playing among the 3% who vote for “Other” and delude themselves into thinking they made a difference.


Good Lord, Cam, it’s in Missouri, It’s up to the people. Akin has a strong following, why get your knickers in a bunch? I do feel if Romney gets the wind gust from these debates Akin and others may just ride the coattails of success with the Romney roller.


I’d be happy to be contradicted by those who have a better knowledge of his campaign, but I’d heard that a lot of Akin’s financial support has come from Dems hoping to get the GOP to nominate a Socon characature. Looks like they got what they wanted, and that reality has the national GOP cutting its ties.


He’s been getting some bucks from the DeMint PAC.


The GOP looks for any excuse to oppose Conservatives, everybody knows this including Akin.
Akin gave them a tiny crack and that is all the Liberal power brokers in the GOP needed to justify lynching him, he should have known better given the boldness of the Liberal Elites in the GOP since the Tea Party scared them in 2010.

If one views the actions of the GOP Leadership with the assumption that they would prefer an Extremist Liberal Democrat to win a Congressional seat than a Conservative Republican then everything they do and say makes perfect sense.

The Establishment GOP is nothing if not consistent and predictable.
The day Conservatives decide to quit lying to themselves by believing they can someday have a seat at the table in the GOP and start their own Party will be the day America will have a genuine Conservative option on election day.

Until then it is pointless to get frustrated over things that should be expected by everyone at this point, Conservatives are despised by the East Coast, Blue Blood Liberals and they have made NO effort to hide that since November 2010.