The Humble Knight: Colonel Robert L. Howard


The Humble Knight: Colonel Robert L. Howard1939 - 2009
Maj. John L. Plaster,
USA, (ret)

											In 1968 Colonel Robert L. Howard was a 30-year-old sergeant first class and the most
				physically fit man on our compound. Broad-chested, solid as a lumberjack and mentallytough, he cut an imposing presence. I was among the lucky few Army Special Forcessoldiers to have served with Bob Howard in our 60-man Recon Company at Commandand Control Central, a top secret Green Beret unit that ran covert missions behind enemylines. As an element of the secretive Studies and Observations Group - SOG - we did ourbest to recon, raid, attack and disrupt the enemy's Ho Chi Minh Trail network in Laosand Cambodia. ...

This is a MUST READ by ALL Americans:


I would advise EVERYONE to read about this guy. I put in 20 years in the military & never had the honor of meeting someone that earned the Medal of Honor. Maybe because they don’t give many of them out. On the other hand maybe it’s because doing something so heroic to earn the MOH gets you killed about half of the time. Colonel Robert L Howard not only earned THE Metal, but on 2 other occasions he was also put in for it (you can’t earn it but once). This guy was a real AMERICAN!